Your Car As Energy Source

by Bob Hughes on September 9, 2016

Bob Hughes · Small Actions Technology · September 09, 2016

Pendulum in Action, small actions, technology, car as energy source, electric carsThe world of automobiles is changing, as everyone knows. More electric cars are on the roads. Self-driving automobiles are already among us, and will become more common as the years roll on. And more and more we’re probably going to depend less and less on gasoline to fill our tanks. In fact, in Norway in 2025, they will no longer sell cars that need gas – all will be electric.

A new development is even more eye-opening: Some electric cars may be able to recharge themselves and then help power the house. Of course, this is well in the future, but the technology is available now.

A French company is developing a line of electric cars that not only run on a battery as other electric cars do, but that can create energy for second battery in the automobile. This second battery stores excess energy from the primary battery and holds further energy created as the car runs. Then, at home, the car battery provides electricity for a lot of the house’s energy needs. According to some studies, you can save up to 38% on your certain of your domestic energy needs (outside of heating) thanks to your automobile.

This system uses the braking as well as the rolling of the wheels of the car to provide additional energy that a separate battery in the trunk stores. At the home, in your garage, an induction plate would capture the additional energy from your car’s second battery to use at the home. This could even work – we’re looking well into the future here – at supermarkets and parking lots equipped with special induction plates for this purpose.

The video here, taken from the French morning show Télématin, shows how the system works. Although the video is in French, you can figure out through the visuals how such a battery and self-charging system might work.

In any event, such small technological steps can have an enormous impact on the environment moving forward. We’re not ready to give up our vehicles yet – even if more are becoming electric and self-driving – but if those vehicles can help create their own energy and we can use that energy to power our homes, that would be a small step that leads to a power revolution.


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