Young Entrepreneur With “We” Business Ideas in Detroit

by Michael Drew on August 25, 2013

Michael Drew · Creativity in Business Detroit Budget Cuts · August 25, 2013

At a time where it’s seemingly “cooler” to launch startups in NYC and Silicon Valley, young social entrepreneur Andy Didorosi is running a successful business somewhere you may not expect – Detroit. It’s interesting to see how he is keeping in line with the “We” Cycle; taking small actions to benefit his community.

Andy stared The Detroit Bus Company after the city announced that it was going to axe it’s plans to build the M-1 light rail, a transit solution that was to bridge the public transport gap between the suburbs and the city.

Unimpressed with the city’s decision, realizing there was a huge need in the city for affordable transportation, he bought a bus, made it look awesome by commissioning a local street artist to paint a mural on the outside and went on a mission to give people a more affordable way to get to work.

Andy and his funky bus

Andy and his funky bus

Andy was a college dropout, but has been described as Detroit 2.0, one man on a mission to breathe a bit of life into the city.

Aside from the bus company he has a business called Paper Street , an art and business incubator, Thunderdrome , a racing track that he has revamped for a new generation and BuildingMinder that helps business that are downsizing to turn their assets into cash.

Andy giving his TedX Talk

Andy giving his TEDx Talk

The 25 year old Detroit native has also delivered a TEDx talk, titled ‘Call The World’s Bluff’ that you can watch here

You can follow Andy’s progress in rejunivating Detroit by following him on Facebook

What do you think about Andy’s business approach? Is there an area near you that could use the Pendulum principles to support new business ideas?


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