First, let us tell you who Pendulum In Action is NOT  for…

If you’re the type looking for a ‘get rich quick’ internet marketing formula, you won’t like this (our advice? Head over to Google and type in the word ‘naive’). And if you care more about short-term instant sales rather than building long term customer relationships, we can assure you that you definitely won’t like this.

What Pendulum In Action shows you is how to build long term relationships with your customers based on shared values. This means moving away from the pushy sales models that may have worked in the 90s, towards a new model of attracting people with your uniqueness.

If that doesn’t sound up your street, then this really isn’t for you. You’d better get out of here quick, otherwise somewhere in the world a kitten will die.

Still here? Awesome, that means there’s a good chance you believe in the same values as us. And that you’re likely interested in seeing results in your business that build a community while helping you reach your goals. Now let us tell you about the 5 main types of people Pendulum In Action has been designed for so you can make the decision if it’s the right fit for you…

Marketing Teams

You’re a marketer at heart… y’know that fluttering you get in your stomach when one of your campaigns blows it out of the water?  That’s the sign you’ve got the gene. The rush that comes from seeing your copy converting like the Apple store on an iphone 5 launch day, and watching the buzz all over Facebook about an idea you created – there’s no better feeling, right?

You want to make an impact… a name for yourself as an expert in your niche. Not just within your company, but industry wide. And that means you’re on the lookout for things that can give you an edge. Something that you can easily implement without wasting much time figuring out. Whether you keep it to yourself like a secret weapon or share it with your team is entirely up to you. We won’t tell if you won’t. ;-)

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Solo entrepreneurs

Why hello there, entrepreneur. You’re looking mighty dashing today… clearly the long nights with blood, sweat and tears toiling over a laptop screen while you tweak your developer’s code (damn the 12 hour time zone difference to India, how can he be sleeping right now??) are treating you right. Don’t worry, it’ll get easier soon. Trust us – we’ve been there. Once you start building up a team around you, you’ll learn to delegate. It’ll be hard at first, but you’ll get there.

In the meantime though, you need to make sure you’ve got your messaging and communications nailed. Yes, yes. We know you have a copywriter… but they’re just crafting the words. If you’ve not handed them a solid strategy to use as a solid base, you’re taking a big gamble. And you’ve got enough on your plate to worry about. Use the Pendulum In Action system to map out your communications strategy, hand it over to your copywriter, then breathe a sigh of relief… that’s one crucial thing ticked off the checklist.

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 Bloggers, Authors and Speakers

You have a passion and you’re not afraid to shout it from the rooftops! Since the day you got goosebumps when you bought the domain for your first blog, it’s been an rollercoaster ride as you’ve struggled to turn your passion into a full-fledged career. That whole ‘make money from Adwords’ thing… not quite as easy as it looked, right? So you’ve been exploring other ways to bring in an income through your site, maybe through affiliate links or if you’re two steps ahead you might have developed your own product. And all that consulting you’re doing on the side… meh, it’s getting a bit tiring. You want to shift to automated streams of income so you can have that freedom to do what you want, when you want. But to do that, you need to figure out what it is that people want… and then figure out how to give it to them. Ready?

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Small business owners

How’s that business of yours treatin’ ya? Maybe you’ve taken on the daunting task of building it from scratch… or perhaps it’s the equally daunting task of taking on a franchise. Gosh, remember the moment you were handed over the cold metal keys to the front door? That was a big day. Seems like somewhere between a million years ago and just yesterday. Ever since then you’ve been growing your business steadily… yeah there’s been some peaks and troughs, but overall it’s doing ok.

But it can do better. Much better. You know it can. You have an awesome thing to offer people… if only you could find a way to get more people to see that. Well you know what? You can. It’s called marketing. And don’t worry, we know you don’t want to be forking out on paid advertisements – and you don’t have to (phew!). Simply use the platforms you already have to better communicate with people. It’s that easy. And that’s how you’ll grow. Use Pendulum In Action to crack the code to what your potential customers’ need to hear and you’ll be able to whip up awesome copy and marketing materials in no time… promise.

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You’re a high flying exec with a calendar busier than Guy Kawasaki’s Tweeting schedule. You have no time to waste and certainly don’t want to be faffing about with flimsy theories and hypothetical scenarios. You just want results. You need increased conversions and a boost in top line revenue… if you can create a community of 100,000 active fans on Facebook – that’s a bonus. Shows you’re on top of your game and ‘get’ social media. You need a system that’s been proven to work, with big name endorsers behind it, that you can hand over to your second-in-command (or marketing team) to implement. We know you’ve got limited time to spare so we’ll keep it brief… the system taught in Pendulum In Action will give you results. So tell your passengers to put their seatbelts on and take it for a test drive today.

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Didn’t fall into any of these categories? No problem, there’s a chance Pendulum In Action might still benefit you… check out The Methods to see if it sounds like something useful for you.