The Steps to a Gravity Well

by Michael Drew on April 12, 2016

Michael Drew · Business The WE Cycle · April 12, 2016

Pendulum in Action, gravity well, sales funnel, WE CycleWe’ve been speaking about how in our current WE Cycle, the best marketers use a pull approach to marketing – attract rather than compel. It’s what marketer Roy H. Williams calls a “gravity well,” borrowing a term from astrophysics. But here, instead of a black hole, the gravity well surrounds your content, and draws you toward it.

Consider this invisible gravity well to be shaped like a funnel, most easily entered at the top level, and requiring only the mildest level of interest. In this, the widest part of the funnel, your customers will be numerous but uncommitted.

How to get them there? The first step might be an article introducing a new idea or revisiting an old idea from a fresh perspective. Having taken that first step with minimal commitment, a reader might be prompted to visit a website that the article references.

If the reader finds the information on that site interesting and credible, that same reader might then decide to sign up for an online newsletter. A few newsletters later, that reader purchases a book. Then several months in, that same reader (who by now has become a walking, talking ambassador for your author) shows up for a seminar to inquire about hiring the author to consult.

There are 12 incremental steps from introduction to payday (we will cover these steps later) that a gravity well must display if it’s going to lead to a considerable marketing platform. This is not easy. But a well-constructed gravity well is the common denominator among the most successful authors and business people with whom I’ve worked.

Sales Funnel. Like a gravity well, a sales funnel offers products and services. But rather than customers being pulled into the funnel by on the gravitational pull of their needs, customers are corralled into a sales funnel through push-marketing tactics—squeeze pages, hype, promises of bigger, better and more.

Pendulum in Action, gravity well, sales funnel, WE Cycle

Without the gravitational pull of a gravity well (pull marketing), objects are forced down the funnel (push marketing). Today’s customers don’t want to be pushed. They want to be gently pulled.

The difference between a sales funnel (push marketing) and a gravity well (pull marketing) is the relationship that’s built between the customer and you as you meet their needs—giving you a committed customer.

Relationships are critical to succeeding in the next three decades in a WE cycle.

One last thing about an actual gravity well. Deep inside, according to the precepts of general relativity, the force of the black hole’s mass and gravitational energy is altering time and space. Objects are being pulled closer and closer together, beyond their control, as time slows around them. Ultimately, they will go exactly where the well leads them.

Kind of evil, isn’t it? Kind of beautiful, too.

But you don’t have to dive into the deep end of relationship-building without a plan. In my next post, we’ll start to look at building a gravity well based on what we call the 12 Steps of Intimacy.


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