The Driving Force Behind Our Shifting Society

by Michael Drew on May 17, 2016

Michael Drew · The ME Cycle The WE Cycle · May 17, 2016

Pendulum in Action, WE Cycle, ME Cycle, pull marketingIf you’ve paid attention to the values that society considers important, you’ll have noticed that in the past decade, consumers today place worth on working together for the good of the whole instead of individual achievement. Technological change has allowed many people to “curate” their own entertainment and information experiences, but overall, the hero worship of the last ME Cycle has been replaced by a desire for transparency and meaningful connection (even if it’s virtual).

Values have changed. And so has conversation.

Your audience is tired of push-marketing messages overflowing with hype and promises of bigger, better and more. B.S. meters are set to “hypersensitive.” Traditional push marketing tactics—tactics that worked very well in the ME Cycle that ended about 15 years ago – now fall on deaf ears. These included squeeze pages (that’s a landing page on a website where a prospective subscriber can “opt-in” and provide an email address) and sales funnels with promises of “XYZ results in 30 days or less or your money back.” They no longer work.

Even kids of the current WE Cycle, savvy beyond what their parents would have expected in their own youth, are turned off by push-marketing messages.

What your audience really wants is a good, healthy dose of honesty. What can you really do for them?

When you give people what they want, you’ll get results. Targeting a belief system, a worldview and an attitude will get you further in your business and relationships than targeting basic demographics. Match the values of your audience and you’ll quickly reach your goals.

People today crave real, raw and relevant. They want authenticity and transparency—they want you. The real you.

There is No Substitute for You

How do you bring the real you into your business and professional relationships? Let’s start by looking at the highly successful business and marketing strategies of recent years. You know, the strategies that made millionaires overnight and promised the sun, moon and stars delivered instantly right to your front door? Push marketing might have included a pop-up invitation to chat with an operator on a website, RSS and text-message alerts from vendors. Where is the “you” in that?

Those strategies worked for a while because they appealed directly to the values of a ME Cycle: shiny objects that seemed to promise a lot of special attention. As society traded “me” values with “we” values, push-marketing tactics lost their effectiveness and pull marketing became the new way to get results. Pull-marketing is truly individualized, it’s attraction rather than promotion, it’s an engagement through conversation, through, for example, an honest use of social media.

People today don’t want to put you up on a pedestal and admire you from afar. Rather, they want you to meet them where they are and connect with them in the figurative trenches of life.

What they don’t want from you:

1. Messaging that says, “I’m better than you.”

2. Self-serving ego.

3. Reckless, irresponsible behavior.

4. False, broken promises.

5. Faceless, impersonal big-business.

What they do want:

1. To see that you’re human.

2. Transparency in your business and personal life.

3. Authenticity – the guts to be who you really are.

4. Reality – what can they really expect from you?

5. Connection with you and your business.

We will look further at relationship-building in our next post.


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