The Clash of Heroes

by Michael Drew on August 2, 2016

Michael Drew · The WE Cycle · August 02, 2016

Pendulum in Action, WE Cycle, common goodPeople have differing views of the world, and they look to leaders (or wannabe leaders), who represent that worldview for them. You can examine the world through the antagonistic eyes of someone who is being threatened, and whose values are under pressure from outsiders. Or you can consider a world where opportunity is available and a community can help enable change.

The world is more complicated than that, of course – but the public discourse often reverts to black-and-white, us-them, me-you, enemy-ally. The public doesn’t want subtlety – it wants statements. Statements that offer hope, or statements that say that all hope is lost.

That’s where we are now. A dichotomy between the hopeful and the hopeless. But I believe that the heroes who will lead us forward, or who will provide a sense of what we’re capable of becoming, are the ones who display personal courage rather than invective, who urge us to embrace our higher natures than our baser selves.

Yet we’re at a time when a great number of people are beginning to believe that it’s in their own self-interest to veer toward the negative, to cast aspersions on others, to want to exclude rather than include. This is occurring during our current WE Cycle, one where society seeks to work together for the common good.

But at this particular turn of the cycle, those dreams of working together are becoming tired for a lot of people, who have lost faith in our commonality and are looking to judge people by what they are not rather than for who they are. Or if they judge them for who they are, they’re judged against a certain scale that determines if they’re too different from whatever the norm might be to be trusted.

This happens when people mistake the general for the particular, the crowd for the individual. Terrorists sow fear because they play upon people’s uncertainties. And an uncertain people look for scapegoats or targets.

This has happened before, in earlier WE Cycle turns when the common good disintegrated into finger-pointing and violence. But heroes who rose above recrimination showed that it was possible to be better than our baser natures.

Who are the heroes for today? Or the heroes for the very near future? It may be hard to identify heroes who are among us now until we have some perspective on our situation. But there are always heroes. It will be interesting to see who emerges from today’s morass of opinions and leads us forward.

We’ll look at this more in next week’s post.


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