Terms of Service

Pendulum In Action

Just what are you signing up for?

1) The $7 Pendulum In Action 14 day access & hardcover Pendulum Book


This is non-refundable as the $7 is to cover the cost of shipping your book to you.

If you get the book and decide you no longer want it, you’re welcome to ship it back to us and cover the cost of shipping – but since that would cost you more than the original $7 you paid in the first place it doesn’t make too much sense. We suggest just giving the book away to a friend if you don’t want to keep it.

If for some reason your book doesn’t arrive, you can choose from two options:

  • We’ll refund your money or
  • We’ll ship you another book

Please email us at hello@penduluminaction.com to let us know if you haven’t received your book six weeks after placing your order.


Your card will never be automatically charged. 

You will NOT be charged the full price of the Fundamentals program unless you decide you want to keep the program for longer than 14 days. You’ll be sent an email after your trial is up asking if you’d like to buy it… and if not, no worries! Unless you choose the option to purchase the unrestricted access for $140, your card will not be charged anything more than the original $7 for the 21 day trial. We hate automatic card charges too (they’re so sneaky!), so we’d never do that.

You will also receive a free hardcover copy of Pendulum: How Past Generations Shape Our Present and Predict Our Future. This is the book that contains all the theory behind Pendulum In Action… showing you how 40 year social patterns have been showing up in society over the past 3000 years. It will be shipped to you at your desired address, completely free of charge. However if you do not live within the continental United States, $13 extra will be added for shipping & handling.


2) The $90 / $140 unrestricted access Pendulum In Action Fundamentals program. 


Whether you paid the early bird price of $90 or the full price of $140, we want you to be happy. If after you’ve checked out the program you think it’s not your cup of tea, no worries at all – you’ll have 14 days from the time of purchase (purchase is defined by when your credit card was charged) to ask for a full refund.

All you have to do shoot as an email and our Customer Service team will respond within 2 business days.

While your refund will be issued immediately, it may take a few days to arrive back in your account. So please be aware of this and give the banking system time to do the refunds.


Early Bird Discounts

When you purchase the $90 unrestricted access to the Pendulum In Action: Fundamentals, you’ll be put on an ‘early bird’ list that give you exclusive 50% discounts on the full RRP of all future Pendulum In Action trainings in 2012 and 2013.

Should you opt for a refund of your $90 program, please be aware that any future discounts that you may have secured will also be terminated with your refund.

Access to the Membership Site

While we are planning on being around for years to come, sometimes things happen outside of our control. Hence, we guarantee that the membership site will be fully accessible for at least 30 days from time of purchase.


3) Pendulum In Action: Xperience.

This is a long term program, meaning that you’re going to be part of this live training and virtual community for 1 year.


The money you paid for the Pendulum In Action: Xperience is refundable for up to 30 days after your purchase is made. That means that up to (and including) 30 days after you’ve been charged, we’ll gladly give you your money back if you ask. However after 30 days it is considered a final sale.


We take no responsibility should you choose not to log in and watch the information.

The replays will be available for at least 30 days after the live broadcast.

In the event of illness, death or other unforeseen circumstances, we reserve the right to replace Roy H. Williams with Michael Drew or another marketing expert. In the case of an act of God or some other technology glitch that results in the broadcast not happening at the scheduled time, we’ll be sure to re-schedule.

We do not take responsibility for a delay in broadcast due to circumstances beyond our control and have the right to reschedule for any reason. In the case of a reschedule being needed, we will inform you via email.


Overall Terms

Guarantee on Results

Let’s be honest – we can’t guarantee anything. While the experiences and results we have quoted are all based on true people, we cannot guarantee nor take responsibility for your results.

We strongly believe in our product and believe that if you apply the teachings, you’ll see results. However we can’t make you do anything… and just as with a diet program you have to actually use it and apply it to have a chance of seeing results. That being said, no results are guaranteed through any part of our programs.

Payment Plan

Should you agree to a payment plan, we will give you full details of that upfront and you’ll be required to automatically pay when due.


If you have any questions regarding these terms of use please contact us at hello@penduluminaction.com. We’re happy to answer them 🙂