The people behind this movement…

You probably already know the Pendulum authors Michael R. Drew and Roy H. Williams (if not, check them out).

But in case you’re wondering, “Who are you? What is this?”, here’s a bit of info about the Pendulum team. Roy and Michael have enlisted the support of a group of people to turn their private system into a training program that you (and others like you) can use to get all the benefits without paying Roy and Michael’s standard $7,500 – $25,000 consulting fee.

Firstly, we’re a company with a difference.

Headed up by Pendulum co-author Michael R. Drew and his partner (in life and business) Andrea Reindl, we’re the team behind the online platforms for some of the most awesome people and small businesses on the planet. Those who actually make a positive impact in the world, whether it be through comedy, health, personal growth, or entrepreneurship. People like Kyle Cease, voted by Comedy Central as the No.1 stand up comedian of 2009, the guy bringing conscious comedy into the mainstream. Or New York’s one-stop-shop for health and wellness, Chiropractor Dr. Ankur Prakash.

Falling somewhere between a tight-knit group and a global network of kick-ass entrepreneurs, we’re a team of 12 people from across North America, Asia and the United Kingdom. (Some of us work remotely and Michael is frequently on the road–so we’re only 60% complete here!)

The thing that makes us really unique (cough *quirky* cough) is our approach to marketing. Although we’re primarily focused on online communications, we don’t believe in the typical rules of the Internet Marketing game. Forget about squeeze pages, red arrows pointing to a signup box and pushy sales copy. That’s not our style.


We know you can make a impact with a more intimate approach.

The era of old-school marketing is fading fast. As you know all too well, people are becoming more selective with the online platforms they engage with and less trusting of sales messages. That’s why it’s important to connect with people in a new way… a way that builds a relationship and gains trust.

You have to attract customers through delivering value – not by ‘selling’. And if you’re trying to market a bad product or service (c’mon, it’s gonna to harm more than help), you might as well quit and go home right now with your tail sheepishly between your legs. Take a leaf out of our book – we refuse to get behind any product or program that we don’t feel is 110% awesome. Not only because it’s our reputations on the line, but because it goes against our values to promote anything we don’t believe in. And we believe in value.


So what makes us unique?

1) Persona Architecture

All communications are tailored to 4 unique personas … which are like psychological avatars of our clients. Rather than generic messaging (blah) that doesn’t appeal to anybody, we make sure all our marketing, copywriting and website structures match up to the needs of 4 specific personas.

Why four? One of the more popular personality type tests, Myers-Briggs, shows that people fall into one of 16 personalities. These 16 personalities fall into four main categories.

Borrowed from our mentors Brian and Jeff Eisenburg we call those categories:

  1. Competitive
  2. Methodical
  3. Humanistic
  4. Spontaneous

This means we can relate to more people, and get better results. You’ll see a lot of Persona Architecture in our communications, and it’s also covered in one the Pendulum In Action: Fundamentals program so you can learn how to do it yourself.



Yep, we walk our talk. Thanks to co-author Michael R. Drew heading up the team, we’ve had access to the Pendulum In Action system since the beginning and use it to craft all our communications.

All of us are currently in what is known as a ‘We’ cycle – which means people value community, relationships and no-bullshit messaging. Now is not a time for flashy offers and pushy sales messages. Plus they just suck anyway ;)

All our communications through the Pendulum In Action framework are created to make sure we’re tapping into the values of the current generation and delivering what they need to help them move forwards in life and business.