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Tap into 3000 Years of Social Trends

“How do you predict what kind of society we’re in? How do you know when’s the right time to make a difference? In Pendulum, Roy H. Williams and Michael R. Drew have combed through history’s ups and downs and the cultural shifts that ripple through every generation. They’ve written a unique guidebook that has an interesting perspective…[for] anyone who is thinking about how to live in the now – and in the future.”

~ Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos.com


The Book Everyone’s Talking About

A brand new release in October 2012, Pendulum is the game changing book that is revolutionizing the way the world views human psychology, consumer behavior and social trends. Written by industry leaders Roy H. Williams and Michael R. Drew and based on research into the past 3000 years, Pendulum sheds light on the 40 year cyclical patterns that have been reoccurring again and again throughout history… impacting who we vote for in National Elections, what we find funny (vs. simply crude), how liberal we can be with our sexuality before it becomes “an issue”, the manners that are socially acceptable (or not), and even our definitions of success…

Tipped to be ‘the next Freakonomics’

The buzz around Pendulum is spreading like wildfire amongst cultural creatives – with people like Peter Diamandis (Founder + Chairman of the X PRIZE Foundation), Kyle Cease (voted #1 Comedian on Comedy Central for 2009) and Mark Fox(at age 31, he was the youngest person with the title of Chief Engineer on the Space Shuttle Program) all sharing their praise for Pendulum….

“An Essential Tool for Entrepreneurs”

As well as among cultural creatives, it’s also causing ripples in the business and marketing worlds too… because consumer trends and effective marketing approaches fall into the exact same pattern. With a new 40 year cycle that kickstarted in 2003, the most effective way to communicate with an audience has shifted over the past 10 years. And this isn’t just due to technology. It’s due to a fundamental shift in values… a shift mirroring a proven pattern that has repeated itself again and again over the past 3000 years.   If you’re an entrepreneur or a marketer this is something you need to pay attention to if you don’t want to fall behind. Since 2003, your audience has shifted from a ‘Me’ mindset to a ‘We’ mindset…. and the intensity is increasing. Values of community, social impact, relationships and authenticity are rapidly taking over from the old values of individualism, personal expression and “what’s in it for me?”. If you don’t adapt your communications style to tap into the new ‘We’ mindset, you’ll see a gradual decline as your marketing goes stale and people stop responding to your calls to action.   But don’t take that the wrong way – this isn’t an Armageddon. It’s simply the current reality of 3000 years of social patterns, and you can easily adapt your messaging to the new ‘We’ generation once you understand the shift. Read Pendulum to discover what this pattern is and how to tap into the values of our current We Cycle, to keep your finger on the pulse of today’s marketplace.

Based on an iconic presentation

Presented on stages alongside Richard Branson, the Dalai Lama and delivered privately to the late Stephen Covey (7 Habits of Highly Effective People), the theory behind Pendulum has been making waves underground for a number of years prior to its public release in October 2012.

Join them and the thousands of others who have opened their eyes to a social pattern that’s been happening for the past 3000 years without anybody noticing…. until now.

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