Small Actions and Surprising Broca

by Michael Drew on February 21, 2014

Michael Drew · Small Actions · February 21, 2014

There’s something awesome about the random and unexpected. Musicians Aijia, J Ryan Kern, Josh Nyback decided to bring the unexpected into a normally boring part of daily life.

Check out the “Elevator Joy Bomb!” video brought to you by Soul Pancake, the creative agency thta brought us the adorable and inspirational Kid President.

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There’s science behind the small actions of brightening someone’s day in an unexpected way. Surprise triggers a part of the brain that deals with language and functions related to cognition and perception called Broca’s area.

Broca's Area

Broca is the brain’s gatekeeper and decides whether something is important enough to shake a brain out of its usual routine. It’s Broca that decides whether your message will enter your customer’s mind. The secret handshake or secret password to gain entrance is the element of surprise or unpredictable. With no stimulus to Broca, your message will be sent packing.

Surprising Broca is an important part of all areas of life: getting your kids to eat their vegetables, getting your customers to buy your products or even just getting a stranger to smile. It’s why we love watching flash mobs, scary movies, and surprise endings.

As you go through your week, look for some ways you can add some small actions to surprise Broca to brighten the day of those you meet. It doesn’t have to be a big production like the “Elevator Joy Bomb.” It can be paying for the coffee of the person behind you, sending a handwritten thank-you note to a client or making your family pancakes for dinner.

Before you go, I want to ask you one small question: If you were caught in an “Elevator Joy Bomb,” would you dance along?

Comment below and let me know. Thanks!


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