Private clients of Roy H. Williams and Michael R. Drew have been seeing results through the Pendulum In Action system for the past 10 years including:

  • Boosting audience figures by 29% within 1 year
  • Increasing website conversions by 4X
  • Increasing per customer visit by 38%
  • Attracting a younger audience to get involved in a cause

Simply put – Pendulum In Action is a system that works and has been rigorously tested, refined and improved over the past 10 years. It’s not an airy fairy theory – it’s a specific communications system that can be replicated in any industry that involves people.

Previous clients getting results have been both B2C (business to consumer) as well as B2B (business to business). It works equally well for both – particularly when the KPIs you want to improve are sales, audience figures, fan numbers or subscribers.

If you’re wondering whether it will work for you, ask yourself this: Do I have something to offer people? It doesn’t matter if your customers are wearing suits or wearing slacks, if your success is determined by the purchasing opinion of people then you’d better make sure you have the foresight to know what they want and ability to communicate with them effectively. Pendulum In Action guides you through specific steps and processes to show you how.

“We’ve never had a better year, and I’m proud to say neither have our clients”. Rich Carr, President of Carr Knowledge Interactive Marketing & Advertising

Rich Carr, President of Carr Knowledge Interactive Marketing & Advertising, used Pendulum In Action as a tool for creating more effective advertising solutions. As a result, he increased the revenues of 100% of his clients and almost doubled his own company’s revenue. Read the case study.



“This shit actually works! Who knew?”, Scott Broderick, general manager at Newcap radio

Scott Broderick, general manager at Newcap radio used Pendulum In Action to boost his audience figures. Not only did the techniques boost their audience figures by 29%, they also increased the radio station’s revenues by 22% within 1 year. Read the case study.




“It revealed the reason for past missteps and was immediately helpful to our strategic planning”

Allen Hendrix, communications specialist for Churches, used Pendulum In Action to figure out how to attract Gen Y into the church… without alienating the older generation. After completing the course, he changed many of their communications and ever since has had positive comments from all generations thanking him for the shift in the Church to focus on them specifically – even though they aren’t! Read the case study.


“Our customers continuously tell us “we are not like other consultants”, that they feel like we genuinely care about them and what they are doing. That we understand their issues, we bring a fresh approach and they feel in relationship with us”.

Craig Clarke, CEO at Momentum Consulting, used Pendulum In Action to grow his small consulting business, contributing to an annual growth of 20%. Read the case study.