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by Michael Drew on July 5, 2016

Michael Drew · Creativity in Business · July 05, 2016

Pendulum in Action, WE Cycle, relationships with your customers, court your customerIn my last post on Pendulum and business, we looked at general guidelines to help you determine whether you should approach a topic on your website. Here we look at how to approach connecting with your audience.

Your audience is out there, searching for solutions to its problems. You have those solutions, but your audience may not know that. At least not yet.

There’s a process to reaching out and connecting with your prospective customers. And it’s similar to dating. A quick Google search for online dating services shows that people are looking for two basic kinds of relationships—a fun relationship without commitment, or a long-term, meaningful one.

Similarly, the world of business has two basic types of customers: Those just looking for instant gratification with no brand loyalty, and those looking for a solution to their problem. If you meet their criteria, you can become their solution.

But if you want to form a long-term relationships, you need to “court” your customer—just as you would in a dating scenario.

1. Follow the unspoken protocol for building an intimate relationship in a WE Cycle.

2. Win your audience’s hearts by speaking the language of real, raw and relevant.

3. Make promises – and keep those promises.

You can push issues to the point of anger when working within different organizations. Once emotions are heated, then you take a step back to let clients process the situation, explaining to them that if they aren’t willing to get angry about the topic in discussion, the current situation isn’t likely to change.

A pretty bold approach, right? Perhaps. But you might find that you can help your clients change their organizational behavior more effectively. By meeting your audience where they are, affecting them emotionally (laugh, cry or get angry) and by validating clients’ points of view, you can build really deep relationships with them.

Follow these steps in your business and you’ll be well on your way to building meaningful relationships with your customers, leaving behind the one-night-stand mentality.

In our next post on this subject, next week, we’ll look at the difference between seduction and intimacy in building a relationship with your customers.


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