Parking Tickets that Help the Poor

by Bob Hughes on September 16, 2016

Bob Hughes · Small Actions · September 16, 2016

Pendulum in Action, small actions, tickets that help the poorNo one likes parking tickets, but one small town has found a way to make them more tolerable (or less of a pain to pay).

The police department of Strasburg, Virginia, in Shenandoah County, is allowing residents to donate 10 canned food items in exchange for payment on parking tickets. The police department will then donate the canned food to the Compassion Cupboard of Strasburg, a local food pantry. (This program is in effect into December.)

Hunger remains a problem around the country. According to Feeding America, a network of food banks, one in seven Americans suffers from hunger. If actions such as those taken by the Strasbourg Police Department help the undernourished and underprivileged find food, all the better.

People are probably less likely to balk at paying for a parking ticket if it involves helping those in need through food, rather than simply handing over a check to the local authorities.

You can discover other local ways to help the hungry by going to the Feeding America website and seeing where you can find food banks in your area.

There are a variety of ways in which you can work toward easing this continuing problem in the world’s richest country. A small action can go a long way toward helping someone get proper nutrition.


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