Not Rushing to Judgment

by Bob Hughes on September 23, 2016

Bob Hughes · Authenticity · September 23, 2016

Pendulum in Action, rushing to judgment, business educationYou know that advice about writing an angry letter – write it, but don’t send it. Get your frustrations out and then let them go. You don’t really want to burn bridges by saying or writing something you may later regret.

The same thing might apply to figuring out what’s going on in the world. Too many of us – and I’m as guilty of this as the next person – tend to live in a bubble of information, where because we’re able to choose the kind of content we see, we’re less likely to see what other people are thinking, especially if their opinions are different from ours.

Now, we live in a terribly divisive time – political opinions seem to be hard set, for one thing, and we’re absolutely certain that so-and-so is such-and-such, regardless of whether we can prove that with actual data. People make up their minds about someone, usually basing that less on actual facts and figures and more on a feeling.

It’s true that we make up our minds in seconds about the people we meet. That doesn’t mean we need to do the same with world events, other countries or nationalities or even the news we read. Being able to change your mind doesn’t make you wishy-washy – it shows that you’re smart enough to recognize you might be wrong and open enough to admit it.

It’s a lot to ask of people to think twice. But even considering that something might not be as if immediately appears is a small step toward a great acceptance of differences and, perhaps, an opening into an embrace of other people’s points of view.

Who knows? When I’ve actually spoken to people rather than merely judging them, I’m constantly surprised at how wrong I might have been about what I’d thought about them in those split seconds of meeting them.

Small actions such as allowing for a difference of opinion, or just admitting that we might not be right about someone, have a great impact on how we live with each other.


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