Newton, Darwin, Einstein, Hubble, and The Contenders?

by Michael Drew on September 11, 2013

Michael Drew · 'We Values' Hot Topics · September 11, 2013

Newton, Darwin, Einstein, Hubble, and The Contenders?There have been many huge scientific discoveries throughout history:

1543 – Copernicus: the heliocentric model

1687 – Newton: The laws of motion, law of universal gravitation, the foundation of classical physics

1751 – Benjamin Franklin: Lightning is electricity

1842 – Christian Doppler: The Doppler effect

1859 – Charles Darwin and Alfred Wallace: Theory of evolution by natural selection

1915 – Albert Einstein: The theory of general relativity

1929 – Edwin Hubble: Hubble’s law of the expanding universe

1948 – Richard Feynman, Julian Schwinger, Sin-Itiro Tomonaga and Freeman Dyson: Quantum electrodynamics

1984 – Kary Mullis: The polymerase chain reaction, a key discovery in molecular biology.

2013 – The Contenders map the structure of the elusive Mason Pfizer Monkey Virus

This last one is a particularly remarkable achievement in modern medical research.

Few problems have plagued the world and presented scientists and medical experts a bigger dilemma in modern history than AIDS. And for more then 15 years, scientists have been searching for what they believe to be a critical key to solving the AIDS puzzle, and perhaps creating a remedy: mapping the structure of this elusive Mason Pfizer Monkey virus.

Scientists couldn’t solve the problem. But gamers could—and did. And in fewer than three weeks. No kidding!!

Playing a game called Foldit, the group known as The Contenders was able to map this this difficult viral structure.

You might be asking why I keep referring to “a group called The Contenders.”  If you look at the list of scientific discoveries above, you’ll note that most are associated with the individual names of those who made the discovery. But not here.

This is because we are in a WE Cycle, and this is a WE Cycle discovery.

It was more important to these “game players” to be identified as a group instead of individuals.

Don’t take my word for it. Hear it in their own words:

This wonderful story was brought to my attention on the Pendulum In Action Fanpage by Tom Wood.

He rightfully points out that this would likely never happen in a ME Cycle.

2013-0911-Tom Wood Facebook Comment In future articles, we will discuss other areas where a WE community mindset is changing medicine, science and business.

What WE cycle group efforts have you seen that have changed your life, industry or the world? I’d love to know.

Thanks for sharing!



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