It’s easy to use

The Pendulum Methods are meant to fit into your existing processes.

Think of this as another way to sharpen your saw (just as Stephen R. Covey taught us with the 7th Habit… on a side note, Michael actually gave a private presentation of Pendulum to the Covey organization a few years ago).

For a little more detail, here’s a overview of the 7 ways to use Pendulum:

  1. Declare what you stand against — People do business with people they like. Shocking concept, right? Well, not really. If you want to maximize Pendulum techniques, the first thing you need to do is to figure out what you aren’t. As a person, business, brand or charity — figure out what you stand against so people can identify with that.
  2. Focus on relationships FIRST — Relationship building takes time. Your audience needs to get to know, like and trust you before they will open their hearts (and pocketbooks) to you. Invest in those relationships and your return will be exponential.
  3. Engage in Real, Raw & Relevant Conversations — Be who you are. People want to see the real you—flaws, blemishes, and all. It’s all part of building a lasting relationship.
  4. Define what you are NOT — It may seem a bit counter intuitive, but defining what you’re not instantly sets you apart from your competitors. How are you different? Do you have a product, service that makes your business different from all the other Joe-Schmoes down the street?
  5. Build Quality — Teach your customers to expect nothing but high quality from you. Customer experience is critical. You need to focus on user experience.
  6. Create Curiosity — Be interesting. Be quirky. Share your passions openly. If you’re just like every other guy in your market you’ll fade into the background.
  7. Meet your audience where THEY are — If a friend asked for a glass of ice water, you wouldn’t give him a ham sandwich. Take the time to find out what your audience really wants. Give them that.

After learning the basics, through the Pendulum In Action Fundamental Program, you’ll start to see the world through a new lens.

If you work in a team environment, you and your team members will be able to take this system and use it to see opportunities you didn’t see before. Creating community, loyal customers and repeat business starts to become an intuitive process because you’ll naturally see what people value today, so you can speak right to them. You may even think you’ve suddenly downloaded foresight of people like Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerburg.

By using the Pendulum In Action Fundamentals online training program, you’ll have a framework to evaluate any projects you’re working on. You’ll also be able to make sure you’re in line with the values of today’s consumers.

The result for you? Better conversions and predictable revenue from your newly found perspective and loyal tribe of raving fans. Of course, don’t take our word for it (we do have a bit of a bias). Feel free to check out the case studies of real people who have used these principles.

For example, Rich Carr, of Carr Knowledge Interactive Marketing & Advertising, took the Pendulum course at the Wizard Academy less than a year ago. Before applying Pendulum to his business, he was already creating campaigns for companies like Volkswagon and Subway. In his own words: “Pendulum took a direction (history) and gave it order (patterns) to be applied to today’s problems. Because I work in Interactive Marketing, the metrics I have at my disposal display patterns all the time. Now I have historical, documented logic to apply to those patterns and precisely how an audience will react.” Read Rich’s full case study if you’d like all the details.

If you’re a blogger, business owner, or message spreader, whatever your brand of crazy, the methods created by Pendulum In Action will help you get to your goals faster.

If you work in teams, everyone can join in the fun and create magic as a group. We understand how important it is that implementing new ideas is straightforward and simple. Who wants to get bogged down with something that takes people months to learn—and worse yet, years to use?

Not us! And I’m sure you don’t want that either. You can expect that the Pendulum In Action system will be easy for you (and your team if you’ve got one) to turn into a new process in your company. Of course, you’ll keep what’s working for you now and just add Pendulum In Action in as one more tool
in your toolbox.

Ideas, books and programs that just sit on the shelf and collect dust don’t do anyone much good. It’s action that gets results. It’s action that changes lives and it’s action that changes the world.