Mad Men’s Tipping Point

by Pendulum Team on October 5, 2012

Pendulum Team · Popular Culture · October 05, 2012

AMC’s Mad Men featured narcissistic, misogynistic and jaded characters like Roger Sterling… but their clean and polished outward demeanor struck a chord with audiences over the past few years.

Why? As they rode the crashing wave of the “We” generation into the mid 1960’s (through the tipping point at the beginning of the “Me” cycle), they had characteristics reminiscent of both the “Me” and the “We” cycles – outwardly conservative and inwardly hedonistic.

As we are freshly out of the parallel tipping point back into the “We”, we recognize and relate to the “Me”-oriented lust for gratification (We are freshly out of a “Me” cycle after all), but we also grow nostalgic of the clean cut and orderly appearance they flaunted at the end of their era.

We are at the cusp of a fundamental shift in values, equal and opposite to that of the early 1960′s America, one that the Mad Men found themselves fumbling to keep up with.
So. Going forward, why might you see young men casually sporting pin-stripe suits, pocket squares and wingtips over the next few years?
“Because it’s what men do.” -Roger Sterling


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