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by Bob Hughes on May 26, 2016

Bob Hughes · Creativity in Business Opportunities · May 26, 2016

Pendulum in Action, Art Workshop International, writing courseWorkshops are a great way to tap into your creativity so that you shine as an individual. When you have the support of others around you, you can lose your inhibitions regarding your talents, and let your voice be heard.

Some people are shy around others. But even shy people can warm up to encouragement.

That’s what I would love to do with you this summer: help you find your voice and shape your message.

I’m offering a writing course at Art Workshop International. It takes place in Assisi, Italy, just north of Rome, in the hillside of Umbria, noted for its beauty, its cuisine and its culture. It combines a vacation with self-expression. If you want to make the most of your time off this summer, then make time for your creativity.

The Art Workshop was founded in the early 1980s by two forward-thinking women who wanted to help people make a difference in their lives by unleashing their creativity in beautiful surroundings. The workshop is held in the 4-star Hotel Giotto in Assisi. The hotel is named after the famous pre-Renaissance painter – whose works you can see in the basilica just down the road, illustrating the life of Saint Francis of Assisi, who was born and worked here.

The workshop has been home to many illustrious writers and artists, including Frank McCourt and Michael Cunningham. This year, it welcomes the wonderful writer and literary figure Edmund White as artist in residence, who’ll be on hand to offer his invaluable insights on writing to anyone taking my course.

The fees include accommodation and food (and the course). And if you act now, you get a 10% discount. For just a couple of thousand dollars you can change your life in profound ways You can combine a vacation with self-discovery in an entirely new way.

Let me help you tap into your creativity this summer. Join me at Art Workshop International.


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