Helping the Homeless

by Bob Hughes on June 3, 2016

Bob Hughes · Small Actions · June 03, 2016

Pendulum in Action, small actions, housing for the homelessAlthough customers love Amazon, booksellers, literary agents and many people who do business with them don’t. For people other than consumers, Amazon’s the bad guy.

But even those who are on the wrong end of Amazon’s competitive tactics might want to applaud what the giant retailer has done. It has bought a Seattle motel that has been scheduled for demolition next year and donated it to a charity that helps find housing for the homeless. From now until then, it will be used to house people until they can find their own housing.

According to a post on Good News Network, the Travelodge was going to be torn down, but Amazon “has turned it over to local nonprofit Mary’s Place as a place to help families get back on their feet.” Jeff Bezos, head of Amazon, also donated $1 million to help with the project.

In return for housing – the reconverted Travelodge’s 60 rooms can accommodate 200 people – each adult resident signs up to work for three hours a week.

People can make donations to help these, and others, through Amazon’s Wish List site, which has an area dedicated to this project.

The article says that Mary’s Place expects that it will be able to place all residents at the converted motel in permanent homes before the building is replaced by offices in about a year. Those who are still there at the end of this time will be found housing in another shelter that Mary’s Place runs in Seattle.

Homelessness remains a terrible problem round the United States – it’s heartening to see that even corporate giants are trying to address this.


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