Fortress of Belief

by Roy H. Williams on May 16, 2016

Roy H. Williams · Invisible Heros · May 16, 2016

Pendulum in Action, invisible heroes, beliefs, fortressA fortress protects you and makes you feel safe.

A strongly held belief is a fortress. It protects your view of reality. You defend your fortress when you feel it’s under attack.

But is every strongly held belief true?

The sincerity of the believer does not determine the truth of the belief.

Don’t panic, I’m not attacking your fortresses. I have no idea what you believe but I do know you have 4 categories of beliefs:

1. Beliefs about God
Is he there or not? Does he care or not? Has he spoken to us or not? Is the future written or do you have free will? You have a belief.

2. Beliefs about Self
Are you essentially good or basically bad? Are you broken or whole? Do you matter? You have a belief.

3. Beliefs about Others
Do others give to you or take from you? Can they be trusted? What do you mean to them? You have a belief.

4. Beliefs about Circumstances
Do you shape your circumstances or do they shape you? Will they get better or grow worse? What do you really deserve? You have a belief.

Is there a chance
that one of your beliefs is wrong
and your fortress has become a prison?

I’m not a motivational speaker. I’m a business consultant. Stay with me.

Frances Frei of Harvard Business School says you cannot change a person’s behavior until you change their beliefs. I agree with her.

Feelings are the products of actions.
Actions are the products of beliefs.

Tell me how you spend your time – the minutes and hours of your life – and I will tell you who you are. I will tell you what you believe.

Because your actions will tell me.

Just as they will tell everyone else who is watching.


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