Flood Relief in Louisiana

by Bob Hughes on August 19, 2016

Bob Hughes · Small Actions · August 19, 2016

Pendulum in Action, flood relief, small actionsThe destructive and widespread flooding in Louisiana has left more than 30,000 people without homes, to name just one impact that this massive meteorological event has had on a state that has been buffeted too often by turbulent weather events.

It can be overwhelming for those who want to help to know where to begin, or how, exactly, they can assist those in need.

People need food, shelter and clothing. They need help with loved ones. They need assistance for medical problems. There’s a need for food donations, clothing, shelter, assistance and housing for animals. The site Nola.com has compiled a list of organizations that can help you help Louisianans.

The organizations include help for animals, with local humane centers and others pitching in, including the Companion Animal Alliance, Baton Rouge’s city animal shelter, as well as a variety of places for clothing, water and food, places that will help coordinate on-site volunteers.

Here’s a video that explains some of the needs:

Other sites, such as CNN, have compiled a list of further organizations that can help.


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