Engagement Rather than Aggression in Business Today

by Michael Drew on July 11, 2016

Michael Drew · Creativity in Business Pendulum Business Tips · July 11, 2016

Pendulum in Action, We Cycle, ME CycleIn my last post on Pendulum and business, we looked at how to approach connecting with your audience. Here we’ll look at the difference between seduction and intimacy in building a relationship with your customers.

As a reminder: in a WE Cycle such as ours, people are focused on community and working together for the good of the whole (not the individual). In the context of this scenario, push marketing is the equivalent of seduction, and pull marketing is the equivalent of intimacy. People in a ME Cycle thrill after seduction, feeling good right now, regardless of long-term consequences. But people in a WE Cycle want that feeling of intimacy, of belonging, of being understood at a deeper level.

Seduction is representative of the values of a ME Cycle. People in a ME Cycle are centered on big dreams, personal achievement and being cool, and tend to focus on instant gratification and looking good and feeling good immediately.

Customers want to be seduced. Seducing your audience with pull marketing involves deliberately enticing them to take a certain action by appealing to the senses. Promises of “bigger, better, more!” are music to customers’ ears in a ME Cycle. Squeeze pages (those web pages that try to get you to “opt-in” by providing your email) and sales funnels with promises of “XYZ results in 30 days or less or your money back” are excellent tools of seduction and appeal to the ME values of big results with minimal effort.

But as you move from the self-centric seduction ME Cycle into a value-centric WE Cycle, you see seduction as cheap, false and a total turnoff to your audience. Push-marketing tactics that worked so well become ineffectual and even counterproductive to an extent.

Authenticity, connection and gravity wells replace squeeze pages and sales funnels in a WE Cycle. (A gravity well is a term taken from astrophysics and the effects that a black hole has in pulling an object inexorably toward it using its immense gravity – at a certain point there’s no escaping its power; the same can be said, by extension, of marketing that pulls you ever forward with messages that appeal to you.) This shift occurs because of the change in societal values. Rather than being focused on personal wants and needs, people begin to crave relationships and connections. There is a need to make a difference and contribute to the world in some way, shape or form.

In our next post on this subject, next week, we’ll look at how customers today want who you are and what you stand for, imperfections, shortcomings and all.


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