What will get you results and make this a fresh new way to look at your project?

What good are methods, a process or a system if it’s not possible for you to actually use? You’re likely up to getting results – so you’re probably thinking ‘this had better be straight forward for me (or my team) to use.” Given that this was created by ‘getter done’ people we know that what you need is a way to make this work for you. As mentioned in the methods – you should be able to use this in several ways once you understand it.

One of the exciting companies that have already put Pendulum In Action to work in their business is Radio Station, Live 88.5 based in Ottawa.

The results experienced in less than a year are actually a bit shocking – the increase in audience has been 29% with a 22% corresponding increase in revenue.

After attending Pendulum Bootcamp last year the station made some very specific changes based on one of the ways to use Pendulum. Specifically they applied #4 in the 7 ways to use pendulum: Define What You Are NOT.

Before they attended the course they were attempting to attract new listeners (that would continue to tune in) by making sure their ads said what they were. Here’s what they looked like.

After attending a 2 day course taught by Roy & Michael, Scott Broderick decided to bite into the new information and follow the instructions exactly. Declare what you are NOT. They jumped right in and as you can see cut to the chase about who they were not:


[jwplayer config=”video_center” file=”http://youtu.be/c5rTdIWKEPM” width=”295″ height=”169″]

It takes guts to really claim what are you aren’t. You’ll notice that they didn’t have to say anything other than what they didn’t play. No need to call anyone names or degrade anyone, simply define audience by stating what they are not.

This is just one example of a way to apply one of the 7 ways to use pendulum. As you can see while it’s a fresh way to get to the end result, it’s NOT for people who want a complicated new way that will upset your existing system.