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To get started, sign up for the 14 day trial of Pendulum In Action: Fundamentals.

This is a 5 part introductory training that’ll teach you what Pendulum is and train you on the main techniques that you can implement yourself.

Coming up soon are the advanced programs that will take you through the full Pendulum In Action curriculum; a 10 month live online webinar training with Roy H. Williams (broadcast in real time) starting in November 2012, and a 2 day live event in early Spring 2013.

Stay tuned for more info …

Pendulum In Action: Bootcamp – early spring 2013

A 2 day live event taught by Roy H. Williams to be held at the Wizard Academy in Austin, Texas.




Pendulum In Action: Experience – November 2012

A 10 month bi-monthly training program taught by Roy H. Williams, broadcast live online in a private membership site.