Small Actions

Bob Hughes · February 05, 2016
Pendulum in Action, small actions, speaking with intention, Hospitality Quotient

A lot of what we say during the day is automatic. We employ phrases that in a way have little meaning other than to fill the air between actual thought. It’s a normal way of semi-communicating.

I thought of this after reading an

Bob Hughes · January 29, 2016
Pendulum in Action, small actions, remembering people

The weather might be warmer than usual this winter for many parts of the northern hemisphere, but it’s been a particularly harsh beginning of the year for people in the news. In particular, celebrity deaths. Many well-known and even iconic rock stars, writers and actors have passed away (in the United States and in Europe), and I know of several friends who are coping with the loss of a loved one.

And, as you might imagine, for those in the public eye, tributes have been abundant. David […]

Bob Hughes · January 01, 2016
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Here’s one thing that isn’t a resolution for the new year, but a bit of advice: make sure you get your heart checked out.

In the last month two people I know, neither of whom is old, had what you might call heart-related events. In both cases, these people suffered debilitating chest pains and in both cases they were found to have clogged arteries (or a clogged artery), and both received stents. Both are now much better.

Not too long ago, such pains in the chest would probably have […]

Bob Hughes · December 25, 2015
Small Actions: Choosing Words for Impact

I’ve heard a lot about the non-word “impactful” recently, and I’m not alone. At dinner the other night, two people (out of six) separately brought up impactful, and not in a good way. “Where did this come from and why are people using it?” asked one guest.

She has a point. Impactful is one of those ugly neologisms that somehow come about when people think to create a word to make them come across as more forceful or smart or authoritative. For most people who hear the word, however, it […]

Bob Hughes · December 18, 2015
Pendulum in Action, small actions, gift giving

This is, of course, a season of indulgence, and overindulgence and also of charity and a little bit of guilt about how we spend out money.

Some people I know have really cut back on gift-giving, realizing they don’t really need anything – and that others around them don’t, either – but also wanting to share in this festive season somehow. More and more of us are thinking about how our gifts can benefit others.

You don’t have to spend like a plutocrat to make a difference in […]

Bob Hughes · December 11, 2015
Pendulum in Action, Conquering Fear, terror attacks

It’s understandable if everyone’s a little edgy these days, with gun violence on the rise and domestic terror attacks surfacing. Are we safe anywhere?

While we humans have evolved to be alert to danger, we’ve also evolved to need a sense of security too. But how can you feel secure – or at least put off fear that may turn irrational – and still be conscious of what’s going on around you?

Even if we tell ourselves that statistics are in our favor – we’re not likely to die from a […]

Bob Hughes · December 04, 2015
Pendulum in Action, Giving Tuesday, giving back, small actions

We recently celebrated, if that’s the right word, Giving Tuesday, which was a global day created for giving back after the shopping-centric Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

As you know, giving shouldn’t be confined to one day – although organizing a day around giving back is certainly a good way to get people to focus on how to help others. According to the Giving Tuesday site, since the day’s inception three years ago, there’s […]

Bob Hughes · November 20, 2015
Pendulum in Action, small actions, We Cycle, small act of kindness

Here’s a small action that might change your attitude. Don’t read the news for a while. Don’t watch it for a few days. Read a book. Binge-watch a series. Talk to friends. But don’t engage in a torrent of hate rhetoric or misinformation.

For some people, this might be akin to doing away with morning coffee.

But take a step back, and see how you feel if you’re not inundated with negativity for a few days. All of the anti-immigration, anti-refugee, anti-Other talk. The blatant hostility […]

Bob Hughes · November 13, 2015
Pendulum in Action, small actions, John Maxwell, Intentional Living

Most people think that the story of their life should be one of success. And it’s true that success can bring money and power and great experience But success alone can’t bring lasting happiness or deep fulfillment.

You know what can? Significance.

No matter what narrative we envision for our life, we want it to matter. We want to be significant.

The secret to living a story of significance is to live each day with […]

Bob Hughes · November 06, 2015
Pendulum in Action, small actions, auto pilot, intentional living, John Maxwell

There’s nothing wrong with routine. But what makes a day significant is when you deviate from the obvious in intentional ways.

What does that mean? Well, being intentional is choosing to be more present, to take actions, to work on behalf of others – to make the life of those around you better, even in small ways (which can add up to something big).

Many of us don’t think in terms of being intentional. We go about our […]