Small Actions

Kirsten Nelson · July 24, 2013
Samsung Bridge of Life

Insurance companies have a reputation of being cold, faceless corporations interested only in denying claims so that they increase their bottom line. But a life- insurance company in South Korea has given me a different perspective on the money-hungry conglomerate stereotype.

The Samsung Life Insurance Company partnered with marketing firm

Kirsten Nelson · July 18, 2013
Dan Black donates money to help a disabled boy walk

Dan Black lost something four years ago that most of us take for granted: the ability to walk.

The 25-year-old British man was paralyzed after being hit by a car while riding his bike to work. He and his family have spent the last four years raising money to pay for pioneering stem cell treatment that might help him fulfill his dream of walking again. Black ended up […]

Kirsten Nelson · July 10, 2013
Photo Credit: 08OceanBeach SD Photo Credit: 08OceanBeach SD

What’s a city to do when the budget runs dry? In the face of the largest U.S. municipal bankruptcy ever, citizens of Detroit have shown that small actions can be an effective way to mitigate chaos as government-funded services are cut. Public services ranging from law […]