Invisible Heros

Roy H. Williams · November 04, 2013
Choice Highway

In 1967, the Jefferson Airplane said, “Go ask Alice.” So I did. Here’s what I learned:

Abundant money and miraculous technologies confront us daily with an excess of options, while in the quiet shadows a debilitating apathy moans and whispers; “nothing is special anymore.”

You’ve heard these whisperings, haven’t you?

I get the feeling these days that many people have no idea where they’re going. Not in advertising. Not in business. Not in life. Stranger yet is the feeling […]

Andrea Reindl · October 29, 2013

[jwplayer config=”video_center” file=”” width=”610″ height=”458″]

A few years ago it would have taken thousands of dollars and a professional film create to create the materials to spread a message like the one seen below. Today, with advances to create and distribute media, invisible heroes who have a bit of creativity, an iPhone and tools such as iMovie editing software can get their messages out quickly — and produce products that are the equal of the work […]

Roy H. Williams · October 28, 2013

I stand on an island in New York Harbor, quietly gazing upwards at the torch of Lady Liberty, when my ears catch the sound of a distant rumble.

The noise quickly becomes a rushing roar and for an instant, the pale blue sky above the Lady’s torch turns dark as six Navy jets pass over her in tight formation.

It’s the first time I’ve ever seen The Blue Angels. My thoughts turn immediately to Bennie.

Bennie is a printer who has taught his craft to several young […]

Michael Drew · September 26, 2013
JJ Project - How I Became A Pirate

pi·rate, ˈpīrət/
noun – 1. a person who attacks and robs ships at sea.
synonyms: freebooter, marauder, raider

verb – 1. use or reproduce (another’s work) for profit without permission, usually in contravention of patent or copyright.
synonyms: steal, plagiarize, poach, copy illegally, reproduce illegally, appropriate, bootleg;

2. rob or plunder (a ship).

My Pendulum […]

Michael Drew · September 16, 2013
Strong Individuals in a WE Cycle: Why?

Can you be a strong Individual in a WE Cycle and succeed?

I am often asked about apparent contradictions between the Pendulum theory that we have moved from a Me Cycle to a We Cycle, and the continuing presence of ME Cycle individuals in a time when most people prefer to be community-minded.

These contradictions almost always deal with two main focuses:

1) Strong Individual Leaders, such as the late Steve Jobs

2) The Apparent Selfish/Me nature of what some people call today’s […]