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Michael Drew · March 30, 2016
Pendulum in Action, business, real engagement, attention

A lot of my works involves helping people get their messages heard by a wider public.

But it’s not as easy as it used to be.

Sure, there are countless outlets now for broadcasting information. But because there are countless outlets now for broadcasting information, our attention is being divided into smaller and smaller bits.

And most people are probably like me, especially during this endless election year, when the press is going bonkers over every little misstep or […]

Michael Drew · March 22, 2016
Pendulum in Action, Building Intimacy, WE Cycle, sales process

As I mentioned in my last post on the subject of relationship-building and business in today’s WE Cycle, your customers want intimacy, not objectification.

According to psychologists, there are 12 Steps of Intimacy in interpersonal relationships. Skipping more then one of these 12 steps while building relationships means that the probability of that relationship being a long-term one is less then 5%.

Similarly, if you move too quickly with your audience and customers, you’ll lose […]

Michael Drew · March 16, 2016
Pendulum in Action, advertisements, silence, creativity in business

Whenever I’m in a waiting area, I do what I can to get as far away as possible from people and noise. This isn’t a result of antisocial tendencies, but of mental survival. I try to avoid the blare of the television. I try not to watch the glare of advertising everywhere. I try to stay in a space that’s undisturbed.

But it’s not easy. Airports (unless you’re in a business lounge) are vortices of chaos. Train terminals are as reposeful as a roller coaster with comings and comings, […]

Michael Drew · March 15, 2016
Pendulum in Action, ME Cycle, WE Cycle, business relationships

In the pursuit of money, which was considered the lifeblood of business during the last ME cycle, business owners and marketers created models that were transactional, requiring that they stay on the treadmill of forever chasing clients.

In a WE cycle, not only does this model of business and marketing not work, it’s destructive.

I focus on building relationships in my work. To build relationships, you need patience and, as a businessperson, a tolerance for pain to be able to look […]

Michael Drew · March 08, 2016
Pendulum in Action, WE Cycle, ME Cycle, build relationships

Although most marketers are familiar with social media, relationships and community many who grew up during a ME Cycle, consider these terms for their tactical use rather than for how to apply them in a serious and meaningful way.

Strategy is different from tactic. A tactic is a short-term decision to gain an advantage. A strategy is a plan of action to achieve something lasting. Tactic is short-term thinking. Strategy is big-picture, long-term thinking. ME Cycle vs. WE Cycle.

In my […]

Bob Hughes · March 04, 2016
Pendulum in Action, small action, ad blocker

The internet, for all of its wonderful fluidity, can still be remarkably irritating. Case in point: those pop-up ads that you need to click through to see an article someone has recommended. Let me see the content, then ask me either for my opinion or request whether I’d like to sign up. I simply click away and let the site, and the article, go.

Of course, advertising supports the efforts of news sites. But aggressive pop-ups are a turnoff. So are ad trackers – those little online […]

Michael Drew · March 02, 2016
Pendulum in Action, business, marketers, customers

If you go by numbers, most of us are average. That is, mediocre. But why should you go by numbers? Numbers-crunching is a fairly recent science that aims to quantify something unquantifiable: humanness. Marketers do this all the time – but why should we be like them? Can’t we find a way to speak to the individual rather than the representative sampling?

In his new book, “The End of Average, How We […]

Michael Drew · March 01, 2016
Pendulum in Action, pull marketing, WE Cycle,ME Cycle, true intimacy

In our last post about working with your customers in a WE Cycle, we talked about how you needed to shift your approach in order to appeal to the kinds of preferences that today’s consumer shows in buying decisions.

In a WE cycle, effective pull marketing creates intimacy with your audience. This means you’ll become the number-one go-to person in your category. Because you speak their language, you feel their needs, you anticipate their wants.

Your audience wants to get to know […]

Michael Drew · February 26, 2016
Pendulum in Action, creativity in business, readers, marketers

The press loves nothing better than to talk about itself. This is natural – most industries talk mainly about themselves. In the film industry for example, the Oscars are pretty much insider awards that have garnered much more attention than they’re worth because they involve movie stars. Without star power, the Academy Awards would be just another ceremony where an industry congratulates itself. Most industries talk more to each other than to the people who make their industry possible: […]

Michael Drew · February 25, 2016
 Pendulum in Action, creativity in business, Super Bowl, entrepreneur

Perhaps Super Bowl should be a national holiday. The recently played 50th edition of the game already attracted the attention of perhaps half of the nation. And with so many people already watching the game, preparing for it and, perhaps, suffering from a bit of excess the day after watching it (or fast-forwarding through it), it’s kind of a holiday without being one. It makes sense, doesn’t it to create another one? Super Ball falls near Chinese New Year, which a friend in Asia tells me is […]