Creativity in Business

Bob Hughes · October 05, 2016
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“Man’s most valuable trait is a judicious sense of what not to believe,” writes Euripides in his play, Alcestis.

Although the play was first performed in 438 BC, Euripides’s thought has held true for millennia. But one might also say that, today, this trait is even more than valuable, it’s a necessity in an age when people believe what they want to believe, regardless of facts. We’re less judicious than we are judgmental.

Why is it that we choose to give credit to something, even if […]

Ivan Misner · September 22, 2016
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If your network is a mile wide and an inch deep, it will never be very powerful. You need a strong and stable network that is both wide and deep. Like the supporting roots of a huge oak tree, some of your referral relationships need to go deeper. You create deeper relationships by learning as much as you can about other people. You want to find out details about their family, their interests, and their goals. Get to know them a little bit better.

I think the absolute master at this is […]

Ivan Misner · August 30, 2016
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How many times have you seen an entrepreneur, maybe even yourself, go to a networking event, meet a lot of people, and then leave and never talk to them again? Too often, right? And it’s not because you don’t like them or ever want to see them again, but because you’re a busy person with so much going on that you can barely remember what you had for breakfast, let alone reconnect with individuals you just met at a recent networking event.

It’s a shame because these new contacts are […]

Ivan Misner · August 04, 2016
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When it comes to networking, the little things add up. Repetition produces results—especially when building your referral networking business.

Because the little things do add up, below are some simple things for you to consider regarding your attitude, body language, and congruence. This will help you determine whether or not people perceive you as approachable or alienating. You may be sending unconscious signals to others when you’re networking that will directly affect the number […]

Bob Hughes · July 21, 2016
Pendulum in Action, giving hope, opportunities for employment

Doing time in prison shouldn’t mean you have no future. Isn’t prison supposed to be punishment enough? Richard Branson thinks so. The innovative entrepreneur, after visiting a high-security prison in Australia a few years ago, said that prison populations contain, “a large number of potential superstars who get ignored by employers because of their criminal record. It makes sense for UK companies to recruit these individuals and to make use of their skills and enthusiasm.”

He was […]

Michael Drew · July 18, 2016
Pendulum in Action, pull marketing, WE Cycle, building an intimate relationship

In my last post on Pendulum and business we looked at how seducing your audience with pull marketing involves deliberately enticing them to take a certain action by appealing to the senses. Here we’ll look at how customers want who you are and what you stand for, imperfections, shortcomings and all.

When communicating with your audience, you’ll get better results if, like […]

Michael Drew · July 13, 2016
Pendulum in Action, converse less and confront more, actual understanding

A lot of people want to leave. Countries, places, situations, jobs, families. In the wake of the British referendum on leaving the European Union, known as Brexit (and I do wish that unfortunate word would go away, but it’s likely to stay around for a while – perhaps longer than Britain’s membership in the European Union), I’ve noticed a lot of talk about countries or states wanting to “take charge” of their destiny. You know – break away. Texas (which often follows its own star […]

Michael Drew · July 11, 2016
Pendulum in Action, We Cycle, ME Cycle

In my last post on Pendulum and business, we looked at how to approach connecting with your audience. Here we’ll look at the difference between seduction and intimacy in building a relationship with your customers.

As a reminder: in a WE Cycle such as ours, people are focused on community and working together for the good of the whole (not the individual). In the context of this […]

Ivan Misner · July 07, 2016
Pendulum in Action, business referrals, network marketing

Wow, your baby sure is ugly!”

When was the last time you heard someone say this? Maybe never, because no one is willing to say that out loud!

How about this one? “Your clothing, marketing message, and overall business image are not referable.” Ouch, that hurts!

We occasionally think this about the people we meet, like that attorney wearing an ill-fitting suit that appears to be from the 1970s, or the HVAC guy who looks like he slept in his uniform. Before expecting others […]

Michael Drew · July 05, 2016
Pendulum in Action, WE Cycle, relationships with your customers, court your customer

In my last post on Pendulum and business, we looked at general guidelines to help you determine whether you should approach a topic on your website. Here we look at how to approach connecting with your audience.

Your audience is out there, searching for solutions to its problems. You have those solutions, but your audience may not know that. At least not yet.

There’s a process to […]