Michael Drew · October 03, 2016
Pendulum in Action, pendulum book, Amelia Earhart

We’re in danger of losing the courage of discovery and the poetry of curiosity, as we think only in terms of economics, inequality or of getting back at the other person for whatever the other person believes that isn’t in line with what we think the other person should believe.

The essayist Walter Lippmann wrote beautifully about heroes, specifically people who let curiosity take them to new places. In a

Michael Drew · September 28, 2016
Pendulum in Action, business education, public or private persona

I’m not a public figure but I have a public persona. I assume it whenever I leave the house or engage with someone else, I’m that person when I give a speech or work with clients. I like to think that this is the same as my private persona, that I’m the same at home as I am outside of it, but this would not be correct. Each of us acts differently whether in a public or private sphere.

We are divided selves, though we most of us act better in public because we sense that we’re being […]

Michael Drew · August 15, 2016
Pendulum in Action, WE Cycle, conversations with your audience

In my last post on Pendulum and business we looked at how to build trust with your tribe.

Here, we’ll look at getting congruent with your message – being who you say you’ll be. Make sure you walk the walk after you talk the talk. Don’t expect your audience to trust you just because you said so. Show it. Keep your promises to earn the trust of your audience as part of your strategy to […]

Michael Drew · August 08, 2016
Pendulum in Action, building trust, creating trust

In my last post on Pendulum and business we looked at two scenarios that show how belief in others might play out, as a way of demonstrating the importance of creating trust in your clients for you and your services.

Your customers are going to hold you up to their own criteria before extending their trust to you. You can implement several important practices and principles you in your own business […]

Michael Drew · August 01, 2016
Pendulum in Action, creativity in business, building trust

In my last post on Pendulum and business we looked at how people don’t want you to tell them what you believe. They want you to show them. Here we look at the importance of belief in others. In others’ belief in you.

Trust cannot be demanded. It has to be earned.

Let me give you a scenario. You’re going for a walk in the park and you have your young child with you. A tall man walking a dog […]

Michael Drew · July 25, 2016
Pendulum in Action, WE Cycle, ME Cycle, values of consumers

In my last post on Pendulum and business we looked at how customers want who you are and what you stand for, imperfections, shortcomings and all. Here we look at how important it is to be who you say you are.

Customers today are skeptical. If something sounds too good to be true, most people will turn and walk the other way. It’s all part of the values of our current WE […]

Bob Hughes · June 29, 2016
Pendulum in Action, creativity and passion, thinking creatively

When people ask me how I’m doing, I avoid saying that I’m “busy.” For many people, this is the standard response to any question about their life.

But being busy doesn’t mean being proficient. Or being successful. Or being anything other than engaged with too many things and not really wanting to share something that’s on your mind.

Everyone’s busy with daily tasks, of course. But is that really what being busy is? Getting through the day is something most people manage without […]

Michael Drew · June 28, 2016
Pendulum in Action, WE Cycle, crafting your message, consider your audience

In my last post on the Pendulum and business, we looked at a few questions to help you evaluate what may or may not be too much. Here we’ll look at some guidelines for helping you determine whether you should approach a topic on your website or through sharing on social media.

You can be too transparent and risk alienating your audience. Religion and politics may be highly inappropriate for one person, but completely relevant if you’re a pastor or politician. Facebook should really not […]

Michael Drew · June 22, 2016
Pendulum in Action, finding readers, business

How do you get someone to read a blog post of yours?

Do you write one of those clickbait come-on headlines?

Do you promise to reveal something incredible if only someone keeps reading?

Do you remind people to read what you wrote by sending them an email?

Do you keep the article or blog short, sweet and informative? With a headline that’s clever as well as informative?

I prefer the last – keeping it all concise and helpful. And also true. And if we promise something, we […]

Michael Drew · June 08, 2016
Pendulum in Action, what you do matters, Jane Fawcett, become better known

What you do matters. Even if you haven’t yet received the fame or recognition that so many people aspire to, that doesn’t mean your work isn’t important. All too often we belittle what we do because we aren’t sure of what purpose it serves in the greater scheme of things.

I thought of this in