Michael Drew · September 27, 2016
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In my last post on Pendulum and business we looked at what branding really is: stripped of your logo, it’s all the associations that come to mind when customers hear or see your name.

Successful branding ultimately depends on your ability to speak to your customers in their own language about what matters most to them. In our current WE Cycle, a successful brand leaves hype behind and speaks to the […]

Michael Drew · September 20, 2016
Pendulum in Action, Pendulum and Business, branding more than your logo

In my last post on Pendulum and business we looked at what marketing master Roy H. Williams thought of branding.

Branding is much more than your logo. Stripped of all the marketing lingo, branding is pretty simple: Your brand is all the associations that come to mind when your potential customers see or hear your name. In order to place yourself securely in the minds of your […]

Michael Drew · September 13, 2016
The Chicken Little Types of Brand Marketing

In my last post on Pendulum and business we looked at what branding was not, in today’s WE Cycle.

Here, we’ll look at what Roy H. Williams, my co-author on Pendulum, thinks about branding.

To remind you, Roy H. Williams and I developed our Pendulum theory in researching over 3,000 years of human history, cultural changes, literature, the arts, politics over three millennia noting how social trends […]

Michael Drew · September 06, 2016
Pendulum in Action, WE Cycle, creativity in business, marketing strategy, successful branding

In my last post on Pendulum and business we looked at what branding consists of in today’s WE Cycle.

Here, we’ll look at what branding is not.

Branding is a vague, nebulous marketing term. Marketers tell business owners they need to work on their branding or launch a branding campaign. But most business owners understand branding about as well as they understand rocket science. […]

Michael Drew · August 22, 2016
Pendulum in Action, WE Cycle, build your brand

In my last post on Pendulum and business we looked at how to build trust with your tribe.

Here, we’ll look at what branding consists of in today’s WE Cycle, when today’s generation seeks real, raw and relevant conversations. Brand is important, but what is it really?

Branding is a buzzword that people throw around in marketing circles, and that seems to identify what it is a person […]

Michael Drew · September 23, 2015
self-published e-books

The market for handcrafted materials is making its way to books. More people are willing to read self-published titles.

At the same time, you’ll probably see stories about how sales of e-books are down. But e-book sales in general are not down. In fact, they’re growing. What are down are the sales of the overpriced e-books from the big publishers. But you will have to look harder to find something like that.

Thanks to the website

Michael Drew · July 22, 2015
bestseller, bestseller list, bestselling book

Too bad Ted Cruz didn’t work with me.

You might have seen reports – especially on Politico that the New York Times discounted sales of Senator Cruz’s book, “A Time for Truth,” because the Times detected evidence of bulk sales – in other […]

Michael Drew · June 17, 2015
Industrial Revolution

Exaggeration is a part of marketing –a way of getting attention.

But sometimes you can get carried away.

Take Apple, for instance. Its products might be sleek and minimalist, but its claims, in a video to web developers about the importance of its app store, are apparently over the top about how apps build the world economy.

The video uses information from a McKinsey Global Institute report that claims, “The global economy is in the middle of a dramatic transition that will have […]

Kirsten Nelson · April 02, 2015
Hella Full

People want to do business with companies they know, like and trust. One of the best ways to build that kind of relationship with your customers is to show a human and personable side of your company.

Virgin Airlines is a great example of a company that has created a fun and playful relationship with its customers. Here’s an example of Virgin’s company playfulness and personality with passengers waiting to board a packed […]

Kirsten Nelson · November 13, 2014
thug kitchen

Humor can alienate people. Especially when the humor gets a little crass or crude. Humor can also win you loyal fans. Especially when it comes in the form of f-bombs in unexpected places.

Consider the new cookbook published last month by Thug Kitchen. The ad is a not so subtle riff on the typical pharmaceutical commercials, but with a shocking twist.

A middle-aged dad barbecuing in the back yard, a young mom packing […]