Pendulum Case Studies

Roy H. Williams and Michael R. Drew have been teaching the Pendulum In Action system to their private clients for the past 10 years with big results, from growing audiences to increasing sales.

Check out some of the case studies from 2012 to see how others have benefited from it…



Rich Carr, President of Carr Knowledge Interactive Marketing & Advertising

He used the Pendulum framework to almost double his company’s revenue.

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Ottawa Live 88.5, Alternative Rock radio station

Scott Broderick, General Manager at Newcap Radio, used Pendulum to increase their audience share by 29% and increase revenue by 22% within 1 year

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Craig Clark, CEO at Momentum Consulting

He used Pendulum to narrow his focus (for business direction) and influence his long-term planning.

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Allen Hendrix, Communications Specialist for Churches

He used Pendulum to successfully engage young people (Gen Y) with the Church – without alienating the older generation.

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