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“Roy H. Williams and Mike Drew have taken centuries of civilization and made sense of its ups and downs. They’ve distilled 3,000 years of history and figured out why we’ve ridden a roller-coaster from outward thinking to inner-leaning every 40 years. Thanks to their insights, every businessperson, marketer, networker, and entrepreneur will be armed with the knowledge and tools to make the best of wherever society takes us as we move into the future.”

~Ivan Misner, Ph.D., NY Times Bestselling Author and Founder of BNI®


My Way of Saying Thanks!

You may have read about my book Pendulum in BNI’s SuccessNet Magazine — it explains why most of the marketing tools that have been so effective (and profitable) in the past just don’t work anymore. But it’s not the tools that have changed—it’s consumers.

To help you get started, I’d like to offer you a little something extra as a special thanks for ordering the book—complimentary 21-day access to Pendulum In Action: Fundamentals Online Program, a 5-part program starting October 2, 2012, where you’ll find:


  1. The 90 Minute Pendulum Presentation
  2. A Recorded Discussion of Experts: What Happens Next: 2013-2023
  3. Playboy & Pendulum Case Study (Yes, I said Playboy!)
  4. 12 Steps to Intimacy: A Relationship Marketing process
  5. Personas: What they really are and how to use them

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You want to “rub shoulders with opportunity” and gain tools and ideas to help you take your business to the next level.

Well, I’d like to help you reach your goals faster and give you a copy of my new book Pendulum for free. The book normally costs $21.99, but all I ask is you chip in $7* to cover the shipping.

Just a bit of fine print:
*Shipping to the United States $7, International $20

“How do you predict what kind of society we’re in? How do you know when’s the right time to make a difference? In Pendulum, Roy H. Williams and Michael R. Drew have combed through history’s ups and downs and the cultural shifts that ripple through every generation. They’ve written a unique guidebook that has an interesting perspective for marketers, entrepreneurs, and anyone who is thinking about how to live in the now – and in the future.”

~Tony Hsieh, CEO –

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