Michael Drew · Pendulum Business Tips · September 07, 2016
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I’ve been viciously trolled.

And all I did was mention the name of a controversial commentator.

And all he did was mention a book of mine that suggested that we listen to the other person with respect.

And yet I was barraged with hateful comments. As if no one had read the context of what I had said, or had paid any attention to the intent of what the person I’d named had said. It was as if content were irrelevant – all that mattered was bile.

Let me explain.

It turns […]

Michael Drew · Branding Pendulum Business Tips · September 06, 2016
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In my last post on Pendulum and business we looked at what branding consists of in today’s WE Cycle.

Here, we’ll look at what branding is not.

Branding is a vague, nebulous marketing term. Marketers tell business owners they need to work on their branding or launch a branding campaign. But most business owners understand branding about as well as they understand rocket science. […]

Michael Drew · Politics The WE Cycle · September 05, 2016
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Contrary to what a lot of people think, we’re doing okay. The economy is better than it was a decade ago, for one thing, and crime overall is down. But tell that to the haters.

But it’s always been like this at certain times in history: the negatives outweigh the positives. And an interesting article by Sam Kriss on Slate explains why.

Of course, […]

Bob Hughes · Small Actions · September 02, 2016
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I noticed something quite pleasing in some of the stations I’ve recently hurried through in Paris: pianos. Not only that, piano music. Played by passengers who, like me, came upon the keyboards there and decided to make music.

Now, most subway stations around the world have musicians stationed here and there, busking for change. And some subway cars feature, for better or worse, wandering musicians (or performers) who annoy, or thrill (depending on your tolerance) passengers with their […]

Bob Hughes · Authenticity · September 01, 2016
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The great photographer Marc Riboud died recently, at the age of 93. We owe to photojournalists such as Riboud our gratitude for capturing not only the urgency of the everyday events that can change the world or mark an era, but the grace in the ordinary everyday, the fraught moments between actions, the unspoken thought captured in a fleeting image that lasts longer than the thought itself.

We are in a visual age, and generations of us respond to the world as citizen photojournalists, […]