Bob Hughes · Authenticity · September 21, 2016
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We all want money, of course, But we all crave happiness and personal satisfaction. And a sense of having accomplished something with our lives. This is as much a part of who we are as a civilization (perhaps of any civilization) as the outer trappings of society.

But for many people, happiness comes down to money, when what we really want is contentment, even if for some people contentment is a state of constant striving, which is good if that’s the kind of person you are. […]

Michael Drew · Branding Pendulum Business Tips · September 20, 2016
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In my last post on Pendulum and business we looked at what marketing master Roy H. Williams thought of branding.

Branding is much more than your logo. Stripped of all the marketing lingo, branding is pretty simple: Your brand is all the associations that come to mind when your potential customers see or hear your name. In order to place yourself securely in the minds of your […]

Michael Drew · Technology · September 19, 2016
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In this now-contentious turn of the WE Cycle – a cycle that began in 2003 – people are beginning to care less about working together and more about castigating others for not thinking as they think they should be thinking. In other words – witch hunts are cropping up. You’ve seen it yourself as indignation follows indignation about someone who supposedly transgresses simply by speaking in a way that others don’t wish.

One way to combat this is to ignore the news. Not to become a […]

Bob Hughes · Small Actions · September 16, 2016
Pendulum in Action, small actions, tickets that help the poor

No one likes parking tickets, but one small town has found a way to make them more tolerable (or less of a pain to pay).

The police department of Strasburg, Virginia, in Shenandoah County, is allowing residents to donate 10 canned food items in exchange for payment on parking tickets. The police department will then donate the canned food to the Compassion Cupboard of Strasburg, a local food pantry. (This program is in effect into December.)

Hunger remains a problem around the […]

Bob Hughes · Small Actions · September 15, 2016
Pendulum in Action, small actions, health care expenses

Many countries offer government-sponsored healthcare, which allows even the most modestly paid workers to have access to doctors. The United States, of course, has government-mandated healthcare, which means that everyone needs to have healthcare, but most people have to pay for it themselves. And healthcare in the U.S. be shockingly expensive. So despite the threat of fines for not having healthcare, a lot of people do without and hope for the best.

This is especially hard for workers […]