Pendulum Team · Politics · November 07, 2012

Were your predictions about the election correct?

It’s been a interesting last few weeks, with lots of examples of ‘We’ values popping up, notably:

*** Defining yourself by declaring what you’re against ***

This is when people rally together to show their support AGAINST a particular principle or cause. Instead of vocally being ‘pro’ something, they come together to show that they are ‘anti’ something.

And it happened both ways in this […]

Leanne · The WE Cycle · October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween! So we had a pretty interesting post on our Pendulum In Action Facebook wall a few hours ago that sparked a hot debate amongst the team…




Is the recent popularity of Vampire and zombie movies due to the emerging ‘We’ cycle?

Well I’ll take the liberty of removing zombies from the equation, as I reckon vampires are a much hotter topic than zombies these days. […]

Pendulum Team · Popular Culture · October 05, 2012

AMC’s Mad Men featured narcissistic, misogynistic and jaded characters like Roger Sterling… but their clean and polished outward demeanor struck a chord with audiences over the past few years.

Why? As they rode the crashing wave of the “We” generation into the mid 1960’s (through the tipping point at the beginning of the “Me” cycle), they had characteristics reminiscent of both the “Me” and the “We” cycles – outwardly conservative and inwardly […]