Leanne · Popular Culture · November 25, 2012

Isn’t it interesting when people stumble across the Pendulum cycles without realizing they’re part of a 3000 year old pattern? 😉

Scientific American published an article last week noting that pop music seems to have become ‘more moody’ since 1960.

That’s a pretty intriguing observation, considering that the start of the previous ‘Me’ Cycle was 1963. It was at this […]

Leanne · Business · November 24, 2012

When society is going through a ‘We’ Cycle (like it is right now, with the 40 year cycle spanning 2003 – 2043), people hold different values compared to during a ‘Me’ Cycle.

This leads them to look for slightly different things when browsing a company website.

Currently people’s ‘bullshit meter’ is pretty high as they’re tired of the flashy claims and broken promises prevalent in the ‘Me’ Cycle. Remember that time when it was all about the […]

Leanne · Business · November 24, 2012

Do you have an About Us section on your company website? If not, you could be missing out on a huge amount of new business!

You see right now we’re in a ‘We’ Cycle, which runs from 2003 – 2043. This means the general mood in society is focused on collaboration, relationships, and community (as opposed to self expression, individualism and bold claims – which are prevalent in a ‘Me’ Cycle).

So when people go to your website, they’re not just looking to find out what you […]

Pendulum Team · The Buzz · November 21, 2012


Kyle Cease, voted #1 comedian on Comedy Central in 2009, talks about Pendulum and how he’s used it.

Check out the video to hear what he has to say…


Leanne · Popular Culture · November 21, 2012


As we move into the second quarter of the We Cycle (which started in 2003), a key concept becoming more and more prominent is the demise of the ‘hero’.

You see, in a We Cycle, the prevailing social values reject the notion of heroes.

Rather than individual idols and solitary figures of reverence, society prefers the idea of ordinary people collaborating together to do great things. At the core is a belief that every single person is a […]