Bob Hughes · Small Actions · 11 hours 10 minutes ago

Can body cameras worn by police soften the police image in the wake of Ferguson?

Many municipalities think so.

It’s the kind of step they feel will not only keep rogue officers in line, but assure a wary public that while it’s being watched by law enforcement, law enforcement’s being watched too.

It’s a shame that we need this kind of system, but it’s also a shame that we live in an age when some police officers are too aggressive, so aggressive in their pursuit of misfeasors …

Kirsten Nelson · Hot Topics Push Marketing · 1 day ago

Apple recently ruffled some feathers with the unsolicited gift it gave to all iTunes subscribers: the new U2 album, “Songs of Innocence.”

The new album appeared unasked-for in some 500 million iTunes accounts worldwide. Sure, some folks …

Michael Drew · Creativity in Business · 2 days ago

For some people the change of seasons is depressing, even overwhelming. I can see why – especially if a person reads one of the endless season previews of the arts that show up in the newspapers (at least the ones that are still big enough to have arts coverage).

A friend of mine told me that the sheer scale of openings in every art was enough to make him simply stay home. Many of us know that too much choices …

Bob Hughes · Popular Culture The WE Cycle · 3 days ago

You can live in a happy city or an unhappy one, apparently. At least according to whatever studies determine that particular feeling among citizens.

Do you care if your city is happy or not? I think happiness is something more personal than civic, but in our WE Cycle, when community-mindedness is important, how those around us feel affects how we feel and behave as well. Happiness studies or surveys rate such …

Roy H. Williams · Invisible Heros · 4 days ago

Remembering the Real Dobie Gillis and Maynard G. Krebs 
It was a parenthesis in the evening news, October 21, 1969. Walter Cronkite, filling the left side of 60 million black-and-white TV screens, said, “Jack Kerouac, the novelist who wrote On the Road reached the end of it today. The 47 year-old spokesman for the Beat Generation died of a massive hemorrhage in a St. Petersburg, Florida hospital. Kerouac’s books, selling millions of copies and translated into 18 languages, were …