Bob Hughes · Small Actions · 12 hours 52 minutes ago
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As more incidents of hate and intolerance surface around the country in today’s charged atmosphere of us-against-them, it’s good to know that some people are still looking out for their neighbors.

While the Phillips family, of Tenino, Washington, was vacationing, their car and home were marked by horrible racist graffiti. The family’s neighbors, not wanting them to return home to such a disgusting display of hatred, took it upon themselves to clear the house and car of the hateful […]

Bob Hughes · Social Trends Technology · 1 day ago
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A record-collector friend of mine used to keep a Saturday free every month to go into town and shop for new and used disks, at one of the many stores that catered to fans like him.

Most of those stores are now gone, victims of online shopping. His browsing these days, like the browsing for many people, is more virtual. And as a result his collecting days are limited, and he’s moved on to other pursuits. He still listens to music, but he’s o longer as avid a discoverer as he was of new […]

Bob Hughes · Technology · 2 days ago
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Deception is the internet experience: Clickbait articles that promise more than they can ever deliver. Blog comments by hate-filled trolls that target women and people of color (or women of color). Invectives and ranting. Political screeching. Cyber-bullying. Stories that go viral but turn out to be false. You name it: we’re deceived by the ready access to information of all sorts.

We look for human-interest, but the internet is also a place we turn to when we want to reaffirm our […]

Michael Drew · Politics The WE Cycle · 3 days ago
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If you believe the fuming of the political sphere, the world’s in terrible shape. If you read news, the world’s in terrible shape (no one reports on what’s not happening, but what captures attention – and good things are, in a way, not noticed by the media).

This is puzzling, but it’s natural: we want catastrophe. Unfortunately, this leads to catastrophic, or at least, pessimistic thinking. Which can lead to the kind of turn in society we’re seeing now, a change that Roy H. Williams […]

Michael Drew · Branding · 4 days ago
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In my last post on Pendulum and business we looked at how to build trust with your tribe.

Here, we’ll look at what branding consists of in today’s WE Cycle, when today’s generation seeks real, raw and relevant conversations. Brand is important, but what is it really?

Branding is a buzzword that people throw around in marketing circles, and that seems to identify what it is a person […]