Bob Hughes · Small Actions · 1 day ago
Pendulum in Action, galaxies far away, small actions

Sometimes, each of us needs a little perspective. Most people, of course, find it impossible to think beyond their own vision of the world, of their daily needs, their interactions, their wants, their goals, their successes, their setbacks and their disappointments.

But it pays to put your particular worldview in perspective from time to time, and to think of your place in the world in relation to the world’s place in the cosmos. This is not a new idea, certainly. For a long time […]

Bob Hughes · Authenticity Politics · 2 days ago
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“Sometimes friends just need to look out for each other,” said Shari Walczak, a founder of the Garden Collective, a creative agency based in Toronto.

Walczak, quoted in the New York Times, was speaking about a charming new ad campaign in which Canada urges Canadians (and Americans) to tell America that it’s great. […]

Michael Drew · Education · 3 days ago
Pendulum in Action, learning curves and individual achievement

I’m not an educated man, but I’ve learned a lot so far in life – just not in school.

I’m like a lot of entrepreneurs. I’m like a lot of other adults, actually. For a variety of reasons, I dropped out of high school, never attended college and yet I’ve created companies and have come to know a lot of things things you learn in school and some things you don’t. Along the way, I’ve lectured at Harvard and shared the stage with luminaries such as the Dalai Lama. Now, I’m not advocating […]

Michael Drew · Branding · 4 days ago
Pendulum in Action, creating yur brand, pendulum and business

In my last post on Pendulum and business we explored the steps to employ in creating a brand that speaks to what your audience needs.

The three fundamental elements of branding are frequency, consistency and anchoring. We looked more fully at frequency and consistency. Here we’ll look more at consistency and the importance of anchoring in building your brand.

Seth Godin, […]

Michael Drew · Productivity · 5 days ago
Pendulum in Action, battling fatigue syndrome, act with kindness

Many people are sick and tired. Not only of being sick and tired, but of everything they see around them, as if the world cannot be controlled and their part in the action is so negligible as to make them feel beyond helpless – not even cogs in a wheel, but specks of dust on a breeze.

But the thing is, the world has never been able to be controlled. And despite what many people believe to be a butterfly effect – one small action can have significant consequences – it’s more likely […]