Michael Drew · Social Trends · 1 day ago
Judging, comparison,  Plutarch

We judge each other all the time, even though we tell ourselves we shouldn’t. But that doesn’t stop us. And sometimes making comparisons is a good thing. One way to make yourself known is by proclaiming what it is you stand against.

I was recently browsing through the Greek historian and essayist Plutarch’s major work, “Parallel Lives,” which was written in the late first century. In it, Plutarch writes successive brief biographies of a pair notable public figures and then writes an …

Bob Hughes · Social Trends The WE Cycle · 2 days ago

Some people fear the coming years of senior discounts. Others welcome any little economy that age brings. And still others use the discounts they receive to help others live better lives.

Some seniors in Washington state, and now others around the country, are offering their discounts to local charities to help the underprivileged. An article in the New York Times describes …

Roy H. Williams · Invisible Heros · 3 days ago
Rainbow, Woodster, Woody Justice

Until recently, I had always assumed that rainbows disappeared from sight long before they touched the earth and that searching for the end of the rainbow was nothing more than a game for the gullible. Or that if they did touch the earth, that the rainbow moved with the viewer, so that you could spend all day chasing one and never be closer than you were when you started.

But now I know the truth: rainbows do reach the ground and you can walk into them and through them and be wrapped in …

Michael Drew · Small Actions · 6 days ago
olan profile

What happens when you successfully build a business on a foundation of authenticity and genuine relationships? Fans become family and rush in to support you in whatever way they can.
Why? Because you make a difference. Because you make their lives better. Because you make them feel better when they are having a crappy day. Because you are there for them. Because you make them feel less alone.

And that’s the greatest gift you can give to a fellow human.

Consider actor, director and

Bob Hughes · Social Trends The WE Cycle · 7 days ago
collaboration, community

Creative is about making connections, unexpected connections.

How do you go about that?

One way is by turning to an old-fashioned tool: a book that you write in. Called a commonplace book, it’s a sort of scrapbook that writers and thinkers have long used to jot down information of all sorts – letters, proverbs, recipes, photos – to aid in remembering and to spark ideas.

Students actually used to be …