Bob Hughes · Small Actions · 1 day ago
Pendulum in Action, small actions, physical activity

Get up and move around.

It’s that simple. But not so simple if you’re tied, figuratively speaking, to a desk. But you need to exercise, especially if you sit all day, your face before a computer screen, your head hunched over a phone. All work and no exercise make for a very short life.

The World Health Organization recommends that everyone get at least 150 minutes of exercise a week – a little over two-and-a-half hours. But if you sit all day, you need much more. The body needs […]

Bob Hughes · Technology The WE Cycle · 2 days ago
Pendulum in Action, technology, WE Cycle, backyard gardening

For anyone with a patch of land and a wish to grow vegetables, the desire is often damped down by the actual work involved.

But thanks to new robotics, you might be able to grow your own vegetables all year round, without having to do anything more than harvest what you’ve sown.

Well, not you: the Farmbot Genesis.

A new robotic system – which costs under $4,000, which could be a lot less than what you might spend on groceries in […]

Michael Drew · Politics · 3 days ago
Pendulum in Action, live in ignorance, action to reflection

People tend to believe lies, if those lies reinforce ignorant beliefs or suppositions. One of the more telling moments in the recent referendum on whether Britain should remain or leave the European Union came from Michael Gove, a politician who wanted people to vote “leave.”

He said with a sneer during a television interview, “The British people are sick of experts,” meaning those who predicted that Britain leaving the European Union would harm the economy and the country’s standing in […]

Michael Drew · We Cycle Values and Pop Culture · 4 days ago
Pendulum in Action, WE Cycle, social attitudes

The other morning during a walk, a friend turned to me and asked if I’d seen the news. I hadn’t yet. Why? “I was wondering,” he said, “if there was another terrorist attack or some violent incident yet today. Every day brings something new.”

That is: Every day brings us another horror in the world. Last week alone there were bomb blasts and shootings in different cities in Germany. There were mass murders in Afghanistan. There was another attack on a nightclub in Florida. There were […]

Michael Drew · Business · 5 days ago
Pendulum in Action, WE Cycle, ME Cycle, values of consumers

In my last post on Pendulum and business we looked at how customers want who you are and what you stand for, imperfections, shortcomings and all. Here we look at how important it is to be who you say you are.

Customers today are skeptical. If something sounds too good to be true, most people will turn and walk the other way. It’s all part of the values of our current WE […]