Roy H. Williams · Invisible Heros · 5 hours 1 minute ago

Remember Andy Williams, the silver-voiced crooner who had his own TV show back in the 1960s? How about Alice Cooper, the first of the gory, 70s shock-rockers? Now imagine a happy quartet composed of Andy Williams, Alice Cooper, 1940s sing-along cowboy Gene Autry and adult magazine publisher, Hugh Hefner. Sounds unlikely at best, right?

Well it happened.

Although the philosophical and stylistic differences separating these men were definitely “wider than a mile,” the four unlikely …

Michael Drew · Small Actions · 3 days ago

If you’ve spent much time on social media the past few weeks, you’ve likely seen people being doused with buckets of ice water as part of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge in an effort to encourage donations and support raise money for research on the neurodegenerative disorder commonly known as Lou Gherig’s disease.

Here’s …

Kirsten Nelson · Business · 4 days ago

Working at home offers many perks: Instant messaging, email and video conferencing make a lot of really cool things possible.

But the technology that makes the virtual office possible is not without hiccups and irritations. Sometimes technological challenges can be downright painful. Dogs barking, construction noises, audio feedback, sketchy internet connections. But, hey, it’s a small price to pay for the amazing convenience of talking with people across the globe.

Check out this …

Bob Hughes · Education Transparent Communication · 5 days ago

I was at a writing workshop recently, helping someone revise his memoir. He’d had a long career as a scientist and teacher and was tackling issues important to him, namely, coping with his family and how he dealt with the death of a parent when he was young.

At the end of the workshop, everyone read from his or her work and shared some of the language they’d learned or displayed a painting they had created.

The man with whom I worked read from a chapter of his memoir. It dealt with …

Bob Hughes · Transparent Communication · 6 days ago

Language evolves. But the point of language is has always been to communicate clearly. And even in our age of emoticons, texting and LOLs – fast expressions that convey meaning rapidly – it’s important to try to make sense of what you write so that you’re understood by others.

Part of that is grammar, which seems to have become an under-taught subject at schools. At least to judge by the kind of sloppy writing that you see so often. In our WE Cycle, when we think of others, and when …