Peter H. Diamandis · How to Increase Sales Marketing Strategies · 19 hours 21 minutes ago
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In this ongoing series of blogs, we’re featuring content from entrepreneur and author Peter Diamandis. His new bestseller, co-written with Steven Kotler, is “Bold: How to Go Big, Create Wealth and Impact the World.” These blogs, written with Bob Hughes, explore many themes that are central to our current WE Cycle.

Readers can find more about forward-thinking executives, groundbreaking technology and the insights that Peter Diamandis shines on society in “Bold,” and in

Roy H. Williams · Invisible Heros · 1 day ago
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America contained about two and a half million people when we declared our independence in 1776. Today’s Portland, Oregon is bigger than that.

The Constitution (1787) empowered every citizen who was white, male and a landowner. Minorities, women and poor people? Not so much.

America was unlike Europe in that we didn’t divide our population into nobles and peasants. We divided our people into landowners and land workers. This was different from Europe where the nobles owned the …

Bob Hughes · Small Actions · 4 days ago
Small Actions

Giving a child a chance through fostering can lead to enormous changes for good not only for the life of a single child but the lives of a community.

One lawyer in Kansas has found this out, and what began as a small action of benevolent kindness turned into a lifetime of opportunity for many children.

George Balloun, a lawyer in Kansas City, and his wife Sheila Wombles, have fostered 29 children over the years.

More extraordinary, Balloun helped 1,000 children find homes through …

Bob Hughes · The WE Cycle · 5 days ago
We Cycle

People are paying attention to Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders not because one makes outrageous statements and the other says sensible things that people want to hear, but because it seems as if they’re speaking what they believe to be truth.

Now, Donald Trump may simply be a provocateur who wants to stir things up, but he’s prompted other Republican candidates to ramp up the ridiculous. And Sanders may not be electable (according to a lot of mainstream media, which fears surprises and …

Bob Hughes · Business Hot Topics · 6 days ago
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I have a feeling we’re reaching maximum selfie. Just as we’re about to reach target-marketing overload. They’re sort of connected.

I’ve noticed that some people are working to ensure us against our narcissistic impulses, just as marketers seem to be going overboard to find us no matter where we are. Take the selfie overload. The David Zwirmer gallery in New York has staffed up for its latest show with guides who politely