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(Warning for the easily offended: contains harsh language.)

How much do you care about the poor?

Probably less than you think, at least according to a little social experiment conducted by Britain’s The Pilion Trust Charity.

A video clip records the experiment, in which on a busy London street a man wearing a placard that says “Fuck the Poor” hands out flyers that say the same thing.

Watch the video here:

Michael Drew · Authenticity · 1 day ago

Can you build a network of “authentic” people? Can you authenticate authenticity in some way?

Some people think so. Sunday’s New York Times “Styles” section profiled a young woman, Katie Longmyer, who calls herself a “business artist,” and who organizes parties and openings and events to bring corporate folks and creative folk together. So they’re at least in the same physical space for a while if not on the same wavelength.

As the article says, “companies are eager to harness the …

Michael Drew · The ME Cycle The WE Cycle Theory · 2 days ago

In the first of his famous Fireside Chats, in March 1933, Franklin Roosevelt tried to rally the country around the banking system, which many had abandoned for fear of losing even more of their money in the wake of the collapse of the financial system a few years earlier.

Roosevelt treated his listeners as adults, and didn’t pander to them with market-tested gobbledygook. At the same time, he wanted to convince the public that banking was worth its while.

Times change. Banks are …

Roy H. Williams · Invisible Heros · 3 days ago

Evan Chrapko and his brother, Shane, sold their two year-old internet business for more than half a billion dollars.

Internet. That’s the key word, right? Unless I miss my guess, right now you’re probably thinking, “So two guys made a lot of money on an internet startup. Big deal. Lots of internet techies cashed in for big bucks. My only problem is that I wasn’t an internet techie.”

Oddly enough, neither were Evan and Shane Chrapko. “Well, it takes money to make money, so …

Michael Drew · Small Actions · 6 days ago

Sometimes a small action can be an idea. An idea for change. An idea for something better. Such ideas can lead to powerful solutions to big problems in our current “We” cycle.

Consider the shifts in the U.S. economy. Post-dotcom bubble, post-Enron, post-9/11, the U.S. has an economy where academic …