Bob Hughes · Social Trends · 1 day ago
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Last Friday was the International Day of Happiness. Who knew? (And who decides these things?)

In any event, it’s worth noting that things are actually getting better. Despite news organizations telling us otherwise (bad news sells).

Yes, the world has terrible things in it – ISIS, other forms of terrorism, lingering poverty, drought, intractable racism, to name just a few. But on the whole, we’re really getting …

Bob Hughes · 'We Values' Social Trends · 2 days ago
Good habits

Good habits help make your life easier.

But how do you set about instilling such habits in yourself?

I, for one, make it a point to exercise every day, and if I miss a workout then something isn’t right. I’ve gotten used to taking care of myself that way. By the same token – or habit – if I don’t write for myself (in addition to the writing I do for a living), I feel a little off. These are good habits.

A friend of mine, Gretchen Rubin, has explored this very topic. She has a …

Peter H. Diamandis · Creativity in Business Theory · 3 days ago
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In this ongoing series of blogs, we’re featuring content from entrepreneur and author Peter Diamandis. His new bestseller, co-written with Steven Kotler, is “Bold: How to Go Big, Create Wealth and Impact the World.” These blogs, written with Bob Hughes, explore many themes that are central to our current WE Cycle.

In this blog, Peter introduces Matt Barrie, CEO of, a remarkable site that allows people from all over the world to connect, as employers and as providers of …

Roy H. Williams · Invisible Heros · 4 days ago
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Just as the UPS package hits the bottom of the post office mailbox, Chris realizes what he has done. Most people would have simply shrugged and said, “UPS must have lost it.” But Chris is not most people. Chris sits and waits for the nightly postal truck to come and collect the mail. When the driver begins spouting post office regulations and tells Chris to go away, Chris politely says he will take it up with a postal supervisor.

Stopping at every blue box along the way, Chris …

Bob Hughes · Small Actions · 7 days ago
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We in North America, constantly wired and over-digitized, probably don’t think much of the simple tools of communication that most of us rarely use these days. Things like pens, pencils, paper.

But elsewhere around the world, such outmoded items are the stuff that dreams are made of.

It certainly inspired Adam Braun. Braun, visiting India, asked a poor child what he wanted most. The child replied that he wanted a pencil – when Braun gave him his own, the child’s face lit up with …