Michael Drew · Small Actions · 2 days ago

“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together,” Vincent Van Gogh once said.

One of today’s champions of doing great things brought together is author and mother MacKenzie Bezos. Working with a group of advisors and participants, Bezos founded the Bystander Revolution and rallied the support of notable names including Kevin …

Kirsten Nelson · How to Increase Sales Pendulum Business Tips · 3 days ago

Seattle-based web designer and cartoonist Matthew Inman, better known as The Oatmeal, has a unique ability to mock, offend and annoy. He turned his talent for taking controversial pot shots into a pretty successful career.

Inman has quite built a remarkably active following, too. He’s the poster child for businesses ditching a myopic focus on SEO to get web traffic. Instead, Inman built his loyal community using social …

Bob Hughes · Generations Social Trends · 4 days ago
world news

“Questions of taste seldom occur to me,” said the novelist Hilary Mantel during a BBC discussion last autumn. Words to live by for writers.

Mantel, as you might know, is a widely acclaimed author best known for her bestselling historical novels about Thomas Cromwell, “Wolf Hall” and “Bring Up the Bodies.”

She was talking about her latest book, a collection of short stories, entitled “The Assassination of Margaret …

Bob Hughes · 'We Values' Advertising The WE Cycle · 5 days ago
helping others

Do you do business with companies that give back to the world in some way? Most of us probably don’t think about it, but knowing that a company whose products I’ve bought also has its mind on helping others makes me more likely to continue buying from that company.

You’ve probably heard of the Toms shoes, and a few others. Take the eyewear company Warby-Parker, whose advertisements you’ve undoubtedly seen on Facebook and other social media sites. My ophthalmologist actually recommended …

Roy H. Williams · Invisible Heros · 6 days ago
invisible heroes, pendulum

I finally figured out how the movie Chariots of Fire received its name. The main character, Eric Liddell, is a student whose running makes him feel closer to God. Consequently, when he learns that his Olympic race will be on a Sunday, he chooses not to run, believing that he should honor God by resting on the seventh day. His decision throws everyone around him into turmoil, but Liddell holds fast and everything works out fine in the end. The movie’s title, Chariots of Fire, is a specific …