Michael Drew · Small Actions · 5 hours 20 minutes ago

Sometimes a small action can be an idea. An idea for change. An idea for something better. Such ideas can lead to powerful solutions to big problems in our current “We” cycle.

Consider the shifts in the U.S. economy. Post-dotcom bubble, post-Enron, post-9/11, the U.S. has an economy where academic …

Kirsten Nelson · Business · 1 day ago

To-do lists are an important part of my daily life, even more important than my morning cup of coffee.

They help me organize my busy days as a multitasking work-at-home-mother. They also help me maintain laser-sharp focus as I take specific, actionable steps each day to 

Bob Hughes · Transparent Communication · 2 days ago

What accent do you speak? Do you even think of your particular accent as you engage in day-to-day conversations?

We all have accents. And no, in the United States, there’s no one accepted accent: we’re too big a country, and we have too many regional differences for any one way of speaking to prevail. Even if people from one region mock the accent of those from another, no one accent holds sway over the others (though the bland newscaster accent seems to be the one many people, for some …

Michael Drew · The WE Cycle · 3 days ago

Written by Michael R. Drew and Roy H. Williams

Make no mistake about it, we’ll find something to unite us in a “We” era despite the mean-spiritedness of certain politicians out of step with the general feeling.

We’re not talking about now. But then: The year 1933, halfway to the zenith: “Let’s keep working together for the common good.”

Technological advances included the introduction of …

Roy H. Williams · Invisible Heros · 4 days ago

Alexander is a dreamer who inspires everyone around him with visions of grand possibilities. Always the first over the wall of an enemy city, Alex is wounded in the neck at the Granicus River, in the thigh at Issus, and in the shoulder at Gaza, but he never quits fighting, never quits shouting encouragement to his men. A broken leg in Turkestan and a pierced lung in India barely slow him down. Is it any wonder he’s never lost a battle?

Alex commits to memory his soldiers’ names and …