Bob Hughes · We Cycle Values and Pop Culture · 5 hours 9 minutes ago

I realize that Thanksgiving is when we all come together in gratitude for the things we have, the people in our lives and our connectedness. In that, it’s not only a timeless holiday, but a WE Cycle reaffirmation.

But so too is Halloween.

To some Halloween might be about dressing up as whatever – a “Walking Dead” character, a noted criminal, a movie monster, a goblin or, in the worst taste, even an Ebola patient. But Halloween is also about celebrating a certain individuality in …

Bob Hughes · Infographics · 2 days ago
transparence, openness, frankness, nutrition

In our WE Cycle, we prefer transparence, openness and frankness. We don’t always get it, but when things are laid out clearly, we really respond.

Take nutrition labels. Sure, they tell you how many calories that a snack, a can of tomatoes, a jar of sauce or a bottle of soda may contain – but what does that mean?

Well, researchers at Johns Hopkins University have found out. If you are clear about nutrition, people understand and they take action. The university researchers published …

Roy H. Williams · Creativity in Business · 3 days ago
talking telegraphs, telephone, call, invention

Antonio Meucci is an Italian immigrant who cannot speak English. When his wife begins to suffer from crippling arthritis, he sets up a telephone link between his basement workshop and his wife’s second floor bedroom. He then installs another telephone line so that a singer’s voice can be clearly heard a long distance away. None of this would be particularly noteworthy today, but Antonio Meucci did it in 1855, twenty-one years prior to Alexander Graham Bell’s “invention” of the …

Michael Drew · Small Actions · 6 days ago
Street Books  a bicycle-powered mobile library for people living outside

A group of people in Portland, Oregon, is working to bring books to people who live outside. They call themselves the Street Librarians. And their mission is to provide good literature, and conversations about literature, to those who are often pushed to the margins.

Laura Moulton, an artist, writer and adjunct professor of creative nonfiction, founded the bicycle-powered mobile library in 2011 to serve people who live …

Kirsten Nelson · Pendulum Business Tips · 7 days ago

When tough financial times hit, many companies view employees as unnecessary expenses and lay off a portion of their workforce to cut labor costs. While this can reduce immediate expenses, longterm consequences accompany this tactic.

Low-cost retailers like Costco Wholesale, QuikTrip and Trader Joe’s have refused to conform …