Bob Hughes · Small Actions · 2 days ago
Pendulum in Action, scare tactics, fear mongers, small actions

Here’s a thought: try not to believe the fear-mongers. It’s a self-defeating way of looking at the world.

Although we’re living at a time when more and more people are pointing accusatory fingers at the “other” to make themselves feel superior somehow to fellow human begins, reducing everything to scare tactics doesn’t really work. Does it?

Recent tragic events, as the saying goes, did not help the people who sought to use fear to make themselves look tougher on crime or terrorism or […]

Bob Hughes · Small Actions The WE Cycle · 3 days ago
Pendulum in Action, WE Cycle, food allergies

It’s hard enough for many poor families to find the food they need to feed themselves. But what about when some of these folks also deal with serious food allergies or conditions? It can be that much more of a nightmare to eat in a healthful way. About 15 million Americans suffer from food allergies, and a significant number are in financial need. Allergy-friendly foods can cost two to three times as much as foods that aren’t created for those with gluten intolerance or other allergies. […]

Michael Drew · Business · 5 days ago
Pendulum in Action, finding readers, business

How do you get someone to read a blog post of yours?

Do you write one of those clickbait come-on headlines?

Do you promise to reveal something incredible if only someone keeps reading?

Do you remind people to read what you wrote by sending them an email?

Do you keep the article or blog short, sweet and informative? With a headline that’s clever as well as informative?

I prefer the last – keeping it all concise and helpful. And also true. And if we promise something, we […]

Michael Drew · The ME Cycle The WE Cycle Theory · 5 days ago
Pendulum in Action, WE Cycle, ME Cycle, share with others

In my last post, we looked at letting people know your flaws, and embracing your imperfections. It’s human nature to be drawn to the mistakes others make.

But how much of ourselves should we share with others? How much is too much?

Technology has changed the way we connect with others across the world. Before the internet, protecting your privacy was as simple as having an unlisted phone number in the phone book.

Privacy today is almost nonexistent. Between Google and social […]

Michael Drew · The ME Cycle The WE Cycle · 7 days ago
Pendulum in Action, WE Cycle, ME Cycle,idealization of individuality, freedom of expression, negation of our commonality

In last week’s post on the change to our current WE Cycle, I spoke about how society has, in the last few years, been moving toward a time when we take a good thing too far. More and more people – as you’ve surely noticed – are becoming self-righteous, indignant and accusatory.

Such a collective feeling comes around in every cycle, as the dream of working together for the common good shifts into a sense that other people are somehow working against us.

The beautiful WE Cycle […]