Michael Drew · Small Actions · 5 hours 8 minutes ago

The recent passing of actor,  comedian, producer and screenwriter Robin Williams caught the world by surprise. A legend has left us. While we mourn the loss of one who brought much light and laughter, we have the opportunity to revel in his brilliance while revisiting the legacy he left behind.

Williams’s high-energy, rapid-fire comedy sketches would shock and …

Bob Hughes · Technology The WE Cycle · 1 day ago

Internet forums have always been a place where incivility rules. Under the guise of anonymity, certain people feel they can get away with making hateful comments.

It’s apparently gotten worse, as the WE Cycle moves from its community-minded beginnings into an iffier time when people judge you because you’re different from the norm. Or simply because you’re available for the picking.

It’s not pretty.

Take the case of Zelda Williams, a daughter of the late actor Robin Williams. As …

Michael Drew · Popular Culture Theory · 2 days ago

You should get out more.

Your texting should be put on hold for just a little bit as you engage in something resembling actual human interaction.

You’ll be better off for it.

I know that most people prefer to deal with rendezvous and appointments and even the occasional hello by texting or instant messaging. Nothing wrong with that. Social media keeps us all going, and as someone who’s building a business and helping others build theirs through audience-engagement campaigns, I know …

Bob Hughes · Popular Culture The ME Cycle The WE Cycle · 3 days ago

We are not people who stay put.

No matter the social cycle (WE or ME – which, as followers of Pendulum know, switches back and forth roughly every 40 years, from a community-minded WE cycle to an individually centric WE one), men and women have always been on the go.

The website Vox has a very cool map showing human cultural history, in just over five minutes. It’s worth a look to get even a superficial sense of enormous changes …

Roy H. Williams · Invisible Heros · 4 days ago

Tom was sent to prison for rustling cattle, poaching, extortion, robbery and attempted murder. But Tom was sneaky enough to escape from prison. Not once, but twice. Such a rascal was he that when the government began pardoning whole cellblocks full of prisoners due to overcrowding, Tom was specifically excluded by name.

At age 16, Tom participated in the Siege of Calais as the aide of Richard Beauchamp, a high-ranking army officer. When Beauchamp was killed, Tom returned sadly and …