Bob Hughes · Business Creativity in Business Opportunities · 5 hours 59 minutes ago
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We’re in a new do-it-yourself age.

People make their own dresses, their own furniture and, more and more, their own ketchup, mustard and even cake mixes. And they’re making businesses out of them.

This isn’t entirely new – from Mrs. Field’s Cookie’s to Ben and Jerry’s ice cream and even Paul Newman’s products, businesses have sprung from individually crafted foodstuffs.

What’s more interesting than the …


In this ongoing series of blogs, we’re featuring content from entrepreneur and author Peter Diamandis. His new bestseller, co-written with Steven Kotler, is “Bold: How to Go Big, Create Wealth and Impact the World.” These blogs, written with Bob Hughes, explore many themes that are central to our current WE Cycle.

Readers can find more about forward-thinking executives, groundbreaking technology and the insights that Peter Diamandis shines on society in “Bold,” and in

Roy H. Williams · Invisible Heros · 2 days ago
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I look at Vivian Maier and remember Jane Hathaway, Mr. Drysdale’s scholarly secretary on The Beverly Hillbillies.

Vivian was born in France in 1926. We don’t know how or when Vivian came to America, but at age 11 she began working in a New York sweatshop.

She learned English by sitting in movie theaters, alone in the dark.

Alone in the dark. That pretty much describes Vivian’s life except for 1959, the year she turned 33 and found just enough money to travel abroad to strange …

Bob Hughes · Small Actions · 5 days ago
Small Actions

When Seattle poet Heather McHugh was awarded $500,000 from the MacArthur Foundation – one of the winners of its so-called “genius grants” – she immediately thought of others.

“Nobody deserves that kind of money, and I think something in me was chastened by being awarded such a big amount of money,” she said in an interview with the Seattle-area radio …


Are you at a point where you accept every morsel of business that comes your way? Or do you let your principles guide you regardless of the short-term effect on your business?

Increasingly, businesses are leading with what they believe is right, and choosing not to work with clients whose values or ethics or practices aren’t in line with their own. This isn’t about bakeries refusing to sell wedding cakes to same-sex couples. It’s about accepting customers you trust and value.

“You ask …