Be Patient to Build Business Relationships

by Michael Drew on March 15, 2016

Michael Drew · Creativity in Business The ME Cycle The WE Cycle · March 15, 2016

Pendulum in Action, ME Cycle, WE Cycle, business relationshipsIn the pursuit of money, which was considered the lifeblood of business during the last ME cycle, business owners and marketers created models that were transactional, requiring that they stay on the treadmill of forever chasing clients.

In a WE cycle, not only does this model of business and marketing not work, it’s destructive.

I focus on building relationships in my work. To build relationships, you need patience and, as a businessperson, a tolerance for pain to be able to look beyond your current financial needs.

Building a relationship takes time.

What happens in the “real world” —between us, our friends, colleagues and loved ones — is also reflected in business.

Most business owners and marketers talk use baseball to talk about marketing: getting on first, second, third base and home.

This is fine, but playing a game requires practice, and most business owners and marketers fail to remember that competence or expertise doesn’t happen overnight. To become good at a sport such as baseball requires an investment of time, effort, energy and training before you even get up to bat, let alone hit the ball.

There’s a hazard of objectifying customers. Getting to “base” with a customer is a kind of objectification of customers’ role in a relationship. They aren’t there to serve your needs: You are there to meet theirs. The process isn’t about scoring. It’s about engaging.

When it comes to interpersonal and sexual relationships most of us desire intimacy, not objectification.

Using baseball as an analogy to explain how you build a long term, meaningful relationship is a bit of a turnoff for most people. Instead of sincere and authentic, the interaction feels transactional and hollow.

Your customers want intimacy, not objectification.

In our next post, we’ll explore further the steps you should keep in mind when building an online relationship with your customer.


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