Straightforward and simple to apply, Pendulum in Action will give you a competition-crushing advantage in your niche.

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Let’s face it. Yes, we all want to contribute to the world and make a difference. But ultimately, you want to be the best in your industry…. and make a lot of money by being the best at what you do.

It doesn’t take rocket science or a Gangam Style fluke to achieve this level of success. But it does take a system.

It’s a system that some of the world’s leading experts have been using for the past 10 years and will give you the advantage of being able to…

  • Predict upcoming trends
  • Identify + tap into gaps in the market
  • Deeply understand your customers’ needs
  • Know what people value right now
  • Write highly converting copy
  • Build products & services that consumers desperately want

Ever wondered what it takes to achieve the epic success levels of Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, David Ogilvy or Arriana Huffington? There’s 1 major quality thing they all have in common: an ability to predict what the world is ready for and know how best to deliver it to them.

You can have a great product that you’re offering, but if it doesn’t meet the values of the current generation – you’ve pretty much lost the point. The basic ideas behind Pendulum explain why Facebook and many other successful innovations would have FAILED if they were launched 10 years earlier. When Facebook launched, it was simply speaking to people who were ready for it… think of it as the world was ready for Facebook, not the other way around.


Marketing to Today’s Consumers

In the old mentality of a ME cycle (which ended in 2009), people valued individuality and freedom of expression. There was an advantage to push marketing—people were were receptive to be pushed into taking action. At that time, it felt natural to them.

In the current mentality of WE cycle, consumers value community, sincerity and authenticity. People are looking for what they think they need. The years of hype, high-pressure sales and promises of “bigger, better, MORE!” have created a generation of consumers with highly sensitive B.S. meters. If you’re not real, raw and relevant—consumers will tune you out and pass you by.

The Fundamental program will change the way you view business and the world—in addition to powerful perspective, you’ll get a system to replicate what trendsetters do naturally.


Pendulum Gets Results

Marketing teams and business owners say that applying Pendulum In Action has not only given them a way to set themselves apart from their competition, it’s also increased customer loyalty. Repeat customers mean more stability in your business—can’t go wrong with that! Copywriters who have used the methods shared in Pendulum in Action can now write more consistent copy that gets higher conversion (which translates into stronger client relationships and increased conversion rates).

If you decide Pendulum In Action is right for you, you’ll join trendsetters who have a roadmap to success in today’s market place. And you don’t have to do this alone. The Pendulum In Action team will be here to support you and share real-life ways to apply this theory weekly.