Pendulum In Action isn’t something they’ll teach you in business school…

Developed by Roy H. Williams and Michael R. Drew, Pendulum In Action is a marketing and trend forecasting system designed for people who like to break the rules. It’s a way of approaching your customers in a unique style… one that builds intimate relationships based on predicting their needs.

Since its pre-release, industry leaders have been raving about the accompanying book, Pendulum, with  Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos, describing it as “startling insights and perspectives for anyone who wants to be successful now or in the future.” 

Now these guys walk their talk. Roy has used this system himself for almost 10 years, including when crafting ad campaigns for De Beers, Rolex, and what were at the time (thanks to his marketing) the two fastest growing franchises in North America. Michael has been using Pendulum for around 8 years, drawing on the techniques to place 74 consecutive books onto National Best-sellers lists (a feat making him the world’s most successful book promoter).

Both Roy and Michael have been teaching this replicable system to their private clients for a number of years and seeing big results – including increasing audience size by 29% within a year for one client and almost doubling business revenue within six months. Now, after almost 10 years of testing and refining, Roy H. Williams and Michael R. Drew have worked with a team to turn their these powerful concepts into an online training program. The good news for you? For a limited period, to generate word of mouth and pick up the buzz around Pendulum, you can access it at just $7 for 14 days of access .

Roy H. Williams

Known in the elite marketing circles as ‘The Wizard of Ads’, Roy has trained the marketing teams at Proctor and Gamble, Hewlett Packard and a number of other Fortune 500 companies. You’ll find his fingerprints on historic ad campaigns for De Beers and Rolex–which were the #1 and #4 fastest growing franchises in America just a few years ago. Charging upward of $7,500 for a face-to-face consultation at his HQ in Austin, Texas ($25,000 if it involves travel), Roy has a solid reputation as marketing expert who gets measurable results.

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Michael R. Drew

Marketing books for his entire career, Michael has become the world’s most successful book promoter, having helped launch 74 consecutive books onto the Best-Sellers lists – many reaching #1. Michael has worked with Roy since his early days as a 19 year old apprentice. Over the past decade, Michael has refined his skills as both a book promoting expert (founding a company, Promote A Book, Inc.) and as a brand communications specialist in the relationship marketing field. He’s crafted online platforms for numerous thought leaders and fast-growing businesses, as well as working with companies like YUM! Brands, Keller Williams & Micro Strategy.

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Pendulum In Action is NOT based on a multitude of hypothetical theories or business school logic – it’s based on what actually works in the real world.


This isn’t something they’ll teach you in business school. What do you expect, considering the creators Roy H. Williams and Michael R. Drew graduated from the ranks of educational dropouts (along with other brilliant ‘doers’ like Mark Zuckerburg and Steve Jobs)?

Roy dropped out of college on his second day, choosing to ‘figure it out for himself’ (despite having a full math scholarship) and Michael quit high school just 2 months before graduating … with a 4.0 GPA. Go Figure.


Now, we know you’re like us busy people with a lot to accomplish in your day – so you’ll be relieved to know this isn’t the kind of system that takes months to learn and an entire army to implement.It’s designed for small businesses and individuals to easily adopt, start making changes right away and add it to your marketing toolbox.


Get started now with 14 days of access of the introductory Pendulum In Action:Fundamentals training for just $7 including a bonus gift of a hardcover Pendulum book shipped directly to your door.

In this 5 part course you’ll learn:

  • The patterns in human behavior that are influencing major social trends
  • A case study of Playboy; what Hugh Hefner did right in its early years, why he failed to connect with the new generation and how you can learn from his mistakes (tip: it has nothing to do with the internet)
  • The 12 Steps to Intimacy; a relationship marketing process that you can easily begin implementing to boost your conversions
  • How to effectively use Personas in your marketing, a method used by successful companies like Google, Dell and App Sumo.
  • How to optimize your copy using 4 different styles of communications

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